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Palm Plants You Can Grow Indoors for a Resort-Like Home

Turn your home into a little paradise.


You don't always need to head far to feel like you're on vacation. As proven by numerous homeowners we've featured in the past, it's totally possible to turn your humble abode into a resort-like escape

But if you're not planning to do a major home improvement, one easy way to achieve a tropical-inspired space is to fill up your home with palm plants! These houseplants have several varieties, so here's a quick guide to the most common ones you can shop for online: 

1. Traveler's Palm from Fresh Spaces MNL and Spruce Plants Shop 

A great accent piece for high-ceiling areas, a traveler's palm produces massive, fan-like foliage that will remind you of banana leaves. Fresh Spaces MNL recommends placing it in areas with bright, indirect light and watering it "when top inch of soil feels dry."

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2. Areca Palm from Spruce Plants Shop

This popular palm plant with feather-like fronds may reach up to ten feet in height. Areca or butterfly palms do well in bright light so it's best to place them near windows—and keep them away from air conditioners. According to The Spruce, "sudden cold spots can bring on dark spots in the leaves." Also, be careful not to overwater them as it will cause their leaves to turn brown. 


3. Licuala Palm from Tierra  

With their pleated, fan-like leaves, licuala palms have a commanding presence. This elegant plant would look lively in living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, as long as these areas get some indirect light. As Tierra recommends, "Water weekly but avoid still water at the bottom of the pot." 



Bonus: Monstera Deliciosa from Halamoms and Happy Plant Co

This one isn't a type of palm, but it's another tropical houseplant that can instantly add a "jungle" vibe to your space, thanks to its massive, graphic leaves. As it matures, the leaves of monstera deliciosa—otherwise known as the Swiss cheese plant—become covered with holes. P.S. This highly decorative plant also do well in indirect sunlight! 


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