5 Things You Can Do When You Have Too Many Plants at Home

Keep them in the secret corners of your space

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It’s no secret that plants have become the stars in many homes. From having a small pot in the living area, many homeowners have started collecting these green wonders to liven up other areas around the house. If you’re one of the many who have hoarded too many pots, you might be wondering how else you can showcase your favorite houseplants – more so if you’re already running out of space.

Aside from creating an indoor garden or turning your balcony into an oasis, there are creative ways to display your plants at home. A tip before we proceed: according to Apartment Therapy, “all plants need a level of natural light.” 

Before you get started, take note of the following:

  • The plants you have at home and which pots you want to distribute around the house

  • The requirements of each plant you have – can they thrive in humid areas or not? How often do you need to water them?

  • Check if the areas you’re eyeing don’t get enough light. If not, you may want to install a growth light or take them outside every now and then to make sure they will flourish. It’s a plus if the spot is near a window.

Ready to flex your decorating skills? Keep in mind these decorating tips:

In the kitchen

We’re sure you have plants on the countertop and on the windowsill. How about prettifying the space on top of your refrigerator? Doing so can soften the look of the bulky appliance while making the kitchen homier. Since the ref generates heat, the soil might get dry faster to you might have to water your plant often. Take note of how you place your pot as well to make sure it won’t fall when you open the refrigerator door.

An empty space in the living area or kitchen


Running low on floor space? You can always hang a pot or two – just make sure you use a lightweight pot. If possible, you can choose a corner that’s near a window so your plants can still get the sunlight they need.

In the bathroom

Got a plant on top of the water closet? You may choose to hang some of your plants in the T&B as well or place a small pot in your bathroom niche. A nice plant can take away the attention from your bottled essentials, too. Make maintenance easier by choosing a houseplant that thrives in humid areas such as aloe, pothos, and air plants. Just make sure your plants don’t get soap on them and they get enough sunlight.

Another fun way to add plants in the bathroom is by hanging a small pot using your hand towel ring. This way, you don’t have to install new hooks or spend time measuring how long your planters need to be.


In the laundry room

Those with a laundry room at home can display plants that grow in humid areas, too. In an article on Apartment Therapy, Morgan Watts, a plant shop owner recommends installing shelves in the laundry area where plants can be displayed alongside some laundry essentials like towels and storage pieces. “Just mix it in so it gives off that balance of the plants with practical things,” she explains.

In your sanitizing station

We’re sure you’ve created a sanitizing station in your home’s entryway. Liven up this corner by adding a plant in a colorful planter that matches the palette of your space. This can offset the presence of wipes, alcohol, and other disinfecting must-haves. You can put all these on a small table that won’t take up too much space in your foyer.

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