Lucky Plants to Add to Your Space This 2021, According to a Feng Shui Master

Greenery is especially important in the Year of the Metal Ox.


Plants can do more than just improve the aesthetics of your space—they can bring positive energy into your home, too. "Plants are used in Feng Shui because they contain living prana, which is also known as the life force or the living winds," Feng Shui master Paul Tan Caoili tells Real Living. He adds, "plants also represent the wood element, which stands for growth, creativity, and expansion, and they symbolize the flourishing Chi of life."

According to Paul, greenery is especially important this 2021. "During the Year of the Metal Ox, the wood element becomes a very vital source of creative inspirations for exponential growth and productivity," he explains. "Incorporating plants into your home strengthens growth and opportunity, especially when these plants are placed upon the East to Southeast sector of your abode or working area." The Feng Shui master notes, however, that you should avoid placing plants in your bedroom "as this drains you of your vital life force by disturbing your peace and sleep, causing you to [feel tired.]" 


Paul also points out that not all plants can bring luck into your home. "[Having] plants like cactuses or bromeliads [in your space is inadvisable] since they have thorns that radiate a sharp kind of energy, attracting misfortune instead of good luck." The expert recommends placing them outside "as their thorns can protect the household against negative energies."

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"On the other hand, succulents—the cactus’ thornless, plumped, leafed cousins—bring auspicious luck when kept in the home, making you reap a lot of abundance Chi. The same goes for plants with very verdant, rounded leaves," he adds. 

Here are other indoor plants that can attract good fortune this 2021, according to the Feng Shui expert:

Money plant


Snake plant

Pachira money tree

Peace lily


Jade plant

Palm plant

Golden pothos

White pothos

Lucky bamboo

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