Look: Crafty and Upcycled Planters

Here's proof that anything can be used as a pot!

Photography: and @twilatrahan via Instagram (Main Photo)

Whether you're a gardening noob or a pro grower, you may find yourself spending big bucks on countless clay pots for your green wonders at some point. While there's nothing wrong with investing in high-quality pottery, it may not be cost-efficient in the long run. The solution? Look around the house for one-of-a-kind plant vessels. Here are a few ideas: 

Got an old pan with a wriggly handle or a wok that's a little rusty? Don't get rid of it just yet—instead, turn into a container for a giant succulent dish garden. 

A little more sturdy than actual egg shells, these concrete planters allow you to achieve the same adorable aesthetic without breaking your pots every few weeks. Order yours from Hoang Pottery

Instead of leaving spare tires in your backyard to gather stagnant water, recycle them into big planters for your herb garden. Consider growing plants like lavender (can help put you to sleep) and mint (can rid your home of odors) which you can utilize around your home. 

Old beer and fancy water bottles work well sa herb holders, too! Consider investing in a glass cutter which you can use every time your stash of canteens start to grow. As a bonus, it also adds a dose of vintage chic to your green corner. 

Rubber takes forever to decompose—make the most of its long lifespan by using it to grow orchids. Hang them up on a bed of steel mesh for an instant vertical garden. 

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