These Photos of White-and-Gray Homes Will Make You Want to Repaint Your Walls

Simple and clean

Photography: (L) Jason Leung (R) Nader Arman | Unsplash

There’s something calming about white interiors, and touches of gray add a quiet sort of elegance that still manages to remain homey. While this combination is often attributed to minimalist homes, maximalists will also love the opulent feel of the clean canvas they can work on.

A white-and-gray theme is quite versatile. It may be a bit difficult to maintain, but with regular cleaning, you won’t have much of a problem keeping your space fresh and welcoming.

Go with a bit of Scandi inspiration

Scandinavian design is often depicted with white interiors that enhances natural light. Furniture is kept simple and functional without being stiff. As everything is meant to be in neutral hues, a white-and-gray theme is perfect in achieving this.

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RL Tip: If you’re opting for white lounge chairs and couches, you may want to invest in slip-on covers which you can replace on a weekly basis. (The last the you want are chip stains on your pristine seats.

Try white walls in tiny bedrooms

White walls can make any space look bigger than it actually is. This tiny bedroom has space for only a bed, but instead of looking cramped, it feels intimate and restful.


Don’t be afraid to go gray

You can almost always get away with gray interiors as they inevitably look chic and updated. Plus, whether you opt to go lighter or darker, it’s neutral enough for you to play with. If you find a plain gray wall a bit boring, use white moldings as accents.


A deeper gray in your bedroom doesn’t only look elegant, but also affords you a more restful ambiance.


Play with textures

You don’t need to go with only clean lines and corners. Indulge in interesting patterns and intricate silhouettes to liven things up, while maintaining that calm, neutral vibe.


RL Tip: Add a pop of color your eyes can be drawn to!

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