Where to Find Wall Stickers for Your Child's Bedroom (No Need for a New Paint Job!)

You can get wall stickers in lots of unique colors and designs.

Photography: @roomfortots on Instagram

On Monday, September 16, 2019, celebrity mom Camille Prats shared a photo of the adorable nursery she had prepared for baby Nolan along with her husband VJ Yambao and daughter Nala. Camille chose to spruce up the room with the cutest animal-themed wall decals.

PHOTO BY Screenshot from Instagram

Are you also planning to give your child’s room (or your home) a new look? Wall stickers are a great to make any room in your home look interesting without committing to a paint job or drilling into your walls. Check out these three stores you can visit to get your hands on cute wall stickers just like Camille’s!


Room for Tots

Room for Tots, where Camille got wall stickers for Nolan’s room, is managed by a mom and offers lots of modern and creative designs. Aside from wall stickers, you can also check out their canvas prints, which are made of high-strength polyester canvas and non-fading ink, and their larger wallpaper murals.

Prices for the wall stickers range from Php400 to Php600, while prices for canvas prints range from Php370 to Php570 (depending on size).



To shop at Room for Tots, check out their Shopee page here.

Happy Wall PH

At Happy Wall PH, you will find not just whimsical wall decals for your child’s room but also those you can put up in other parts of your home, such as the living room or the kitchen. Their products cover many different categories: For kids, the categories include cartoons, alphabets, spots, planets and galaxies, and growth charts, while for adults, the categories include 3D designs, maps and landmarks, and quotes and sayings.

The price range for each collection are the following: Php88 to Php270 for the Jungle Animals collection; Php99 to Php250 for the Flowers collection; Php120 to Php165 for the Hanging Lamps/Plants & Cages collection; and Php60 to Php180 for the Words, Quotes, Sayings collection.



To shop at Happy Wall PH, check out their website here.

Decal Bar

At Decal Bar, you can get both unique illustrations as well as decals of your child’s name. They also offer decals for other items such as plates, lunch boxes, and tumblers. If you want a unique activity for your next celebration, you may avail of Sticker Tots, a sticker decorating booth which offers guests lots of fun activities to try out.

The price ranges for the products are the following: Php100 to Php1,000 for name decals; Php150 to Php5,800 for wall decals; and Php120 to Php240 for custom decals (on lunch boxes, tumblers, plates, etc.).


To shop at Decal Bar, email [email protected] or check out their website here. To inquire about Sticker Tots, email [email protected].


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