Celebs Share How They Organized and Decorated Their Vanity Area

Get inspired to give yours a makeover!

On a redecorating kick? Don't forget about the most important part of a beauty girl's room: Your vanity area! And if you need ideas, we gathered some of our favorite celebrity and influencer glam spots to give you all the inspo you need. Keep scrolling for some tips on organizing, decor, and more!


7 Vanity Mirrors to Shop for Your Bedroom's Glam Corner

Heart Evangelista Shows Us How To Organize A Vanity Dresser

Heart Evangelista

In her closet tour video, Heart revealed one of her tricks for vanity storage: A trolley! "I've given up on makeup kits," the actress says in her vlog. All her products fill all three levels of her golden trolley, which she can easily move around whenever she has to do her makeup. So convenient! We can't wait for her full vanity tour!


Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia's walk-in closet also doubles as her glam room. She has a beautifully lit white vanity table, but unlike the ones we featured above, it displays minimal products to give room for her makeup artist's set-up and to keep the area clean. To do this, she kept her hair accessories inside the built-in drawer, and stored all her makeup and hair tools inside a separate shelf and separated them by product type.

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Bea Alonzo

This small nook in Bea Alonzo's home is where she gets ready, so just like Gabbi's vanity, it's left mostly bare. But one thing you'll notice here is that it's where she stores part of her perfume collection, lined up neatly in small shelves under the table. So if you're more of a minimalist, this is a set-up you might want to try.


Camille Co

What we love about Camille Co's vanity area is it's perfect even when you don't have a ton of space. Camille repurposed a marble work table from her previous home instead of purchasing a brand new dresser, saving her some cash and the trouble of disposing a piece of furniture she loves. The only new piece she had made is a tall drawer where stashes all her other products.

On top of Camille's vanity table are different acrylic cases for her everyday tools, makeup, and skincare. But the centerpiece of the area is definitely her Glamcor vanity mirror that has different lighting modes that the blogger can use for her daily glam or her vlogs.

Kryz Uy

If space is not an issue for you, a vanity like Kryz Uy's would be your jam. Kryz's vanity is inside her walk-in closet and it's the stuff of dreams. Her mirror spans the length of the table, illuminated by individual bulbs around the edges. Underneath are drawers upon drawers of products, and Kryz shares that she made the levels smaller in order to have more storage. An extension of her vanity is her hair and nail station, made up of shelves of products that she can quickly reach for while getting ready.



7 Vanity Mirrors to Shop for Your Bedroom's Glam Corner

Heart Evangelista Shows Us How To Organize A Vanity Dresser

Rei Germar

Vlogger Rei Germar's vanity area echoes her aesthetic perfectly: Minimal yet chic. She had a dresser table custom made with rose gold and gold handles for a slightly luxurious touch, and she uses this to store her frequently used products. The wall against it is decorated with a row of treated wood, which she complemented with a curved mirror that has lighting installed at the back. For her other products, Rei organizes them in acrylic containers inside her drawers, while the rest are placed on her bar cart for easy access.

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