Simple Ways to Create Your Remote Work Area If You Don't Have an Actual Home Office

No need to renovate!

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Not everyone has a home with a planned-out office. Chances are, when you need to work, you’re relegated to different tables, and sometimes, even your bed (which, by the way is a huge no-no). But as long you have even just a bit of extra space and the right tools to set your space up, you can make almost any area in your home conducive for work.

Pick your nook.


Sometimes, creating a space where you can work only needs a bit of furniture rearrangement. Move a few things around and see if you can have yourself a comfy spot where you can set up a small desk. The area doesn’t need to be huge, but it has to be able to store everything that you need.

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RL Tip: If they’re sturdy enough, built-in shelves or mounted shelving units can actually be turned into a mini home office.

Utilize your dining table.

Your dining table is probably one of the comfiest surfaces to work on when you’re at home; but the thing about setting up in the area where you eat is that it’s more of a temporary thing — you’d want to clean up during meal times.


Apartment Therapy recommends investing in a rolling cart or caddy which can house your documents, supplies, and other necessities. Position it near you during your shift, and easily store it in your bedroom or any unobtrusive corner when you’re done!

You can check multi-purpose caddies from Furniture Source.

Use your kitchen counter as a standing desk.


If you’d like to get off your chair while working, your kitchen counter can double as a standing desk. Planning to work on it regularly? You may want to invest in a standing desk converter, which adjusts your computer monitor to the height you’re comfortable with.

Stance has options if you like this kid of set up.


Any more tips in setting up your own work space at home? Sound off in the comments section!

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