Things to Hang on Your Walls, Aside From Art and Photos

Transform a blank space into something beautiful and useful.

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A blank wall is something that you shouldn’t be afraid to utilize and decorate. If the space is huge, try hanging one large art piece as the focal point of your room. Another option is to create a gallery wall for old photos and other small paintings and illustrations.

Aside from these, there are so many materials you can play with. Here are a few ideas you can try out:

Hanging shelves

Who doesn’t want extra storage space? Hanging shelves are great especially if you have a tiny home, as these can be both decorative and utilitarian. On these, you can store your books, boxes or mason jars of knick-knacks, and maybe place a potted plant or two for a bit of greenery.

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A mirror

A mirror can immediately make an area look more spacious. You can try combining small, framed pieces if you think a huge one is a bit intimidating.


Install a fabric—it could be anything from a tapestry to a sarong—on your wall. Depending on the material, you may need a backboard for this, but if you just want something relaxed especially for the space just above your bed’s headboard, light fabrics and a few push pins will do.


A map

If you love and miss traveling, a map can be an interesting and interactive piece on your wall. Set it on a corkboard so that you can pin printed photos of your memories in different destinations.


A whiteboard or a chalkboard

You can do so many things with a whiteboard or a chalkboard—it can remain blank for your kids to doodle on, you can create your own art, or you can even draft a calendar, which can be quite useful in your home office.

A creative calendar


You can, of course, also opt to just buy an actual calendar that’s chic and blends well with your room. If you have time to DIY, you can transform an old picture frame into one by painting or using permanent marker on the glass for the calendar template. Remember to use a whiteboard marker on your actual notes, though!


Dried or paper flowers

Dried or paper flowers can complement the art that’s already up on your wall. Simply tape them on (make sure your tape won’t peel the paint off your wall) or hang them from hooks.

A collage

No need to paste—simply hang photos, cards, and other memorable small items from a metal grid or a cork board.


An indoor vertical garden

This may entail a bit more work as you may need a pallet or a wire mesh to support your plants, but trust us when we say that the result is worth it. Having greens in your home can immediately give (literal) life to your space while making it look cooler and cozier. For more tips, click here!



Sources: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor

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