The Anatomy of a Bedroom

Create the bedroom of your dreams complete with the perfect furniture and accessories


The bedroom is every homeowner's private sanctuary. To make it the perfect space for a well-deserved rest, it is essential that you have the right layout as well as the perfect furniture and accessories.

If you want to give your bedroom a new look or you're planning a mini makeover soon, here are helpful reminders that you may want to consider. 


To be able to come up with the perfect layout for your room, you need to divide it into the different purposes that will it serve. Make sure you have a proper space for sleeping (bed), storage (closet), studying/working (desk), and seating (couch). Take note of these space requirements: 

  • To have enough space for opening and closing doors, make sure that there's at least 36 inches of space from the front of the door to your bed. 
  • Make sure that your bed has 24 inches of space from furnishings to make it easier for your to climb out of bed and change the linens. 
  • If you’re placing a bedside table or dresser in your room, make sure that it's at least 36 inches away from the bed so you have enough room to open drawers. 

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Master’s Bedroom

In any bedroom, the bed is the focal point. If there are two people sharing the room, you must consider the type of bed that you'll need. Opt for a mattress that's at least six inches greater than your height. A king size bed is a good choice for two occupants. You may also consider a California King bed. Click here to learn more about mattresses.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno. Styling by Issa Villar and Paula de Guzman.

Children's Bedroom

Safety is the number one priority in any kids’ rooms. To avoid accidents, childproof your home by placing corner guards on the edges of the coffee table and low bookshelves. Consider adding carpets and rubber mats to avoid slips. To be able to create a kid-friendly room, you need the right furniture pieces and other implements.

RL Tip: Pick a relaxing color palette to stimulate your child’s creativity. Click here for four colors that you may want to consider.

Photo by Jun Pinzon. Pictorial Direction by Rachelle F. Medina.

Small Space Bedroom

Living in small spaces can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of stuff. No need to worry as with proper space planning, you can live comfortably and make the most of your home. “The most basic furniture pieces will be the backbone of a small space," shares interior designer Wilmer Lopez.

Opt for multipurpose pieces like a table that can be transformed into a dining or coffee table. Click here for more pieces that you can purchase for your unit.

The right color palette can make a huge difference as well. Select hues that can visually enlarge a room, making it seem more airy and spacious. Try painting your ceiling with a relaxing shade of blue to add a cozy and relaxing vibe to your space. Click here for more colors that are perfect for small spaces

Photo by  Miguel Nacianceno. Styling by Dagny Madamba and Tala Singson.

Choosing the right furniture:

The Bed

When buying a bed, make sure it fits the measurements of the room to avoid a cramped space. Before you go to the store, measure the space allotted for the bed so you are assured that the piece will fit. Don't forget to check the frame and make sure that it doesn't wobble or creak. 

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Invest on a piece that can give the best value for your money and suits your needs. Keep it in tip-top shape through proper care and maintenance.

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To be able to enjoy your bed to the fullest, you need the right set of sheets! Make sure you have a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a comforter, and a duvet. It’s also advisable to choose the best quality of fiber. Cotton is the go-to choice because it is comfy, easy to clean, and breathable. Learn more about sheets here.

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Pillows come in different shapes, sizes, and fillings so make sure you choose the right piece that suits your needs. When buying pillows, opt for pieces that give ample support to your body. Go for a medium-sized pillow with feather filling if you sleep on your side. A soft pillow can reduce neck strain if you sleep on your stomach. When buying the right pillow, you must consider if it provides proper support for your body. Choose a medium sized pillow with feather fillings, if you sleep on your side. However, if you sleep on your stomach, utilize a soft pillow to reduce neck strain.

Click here for tips on how you can take care of your pillows.

"Take Me, I'm Yours" Cushion by Ben de Lisi, P1,550, Debenhams


In every bedroom, you need a dresser where you can keep essentials especially if you have limited closet space. Choose a dresser that can accommodate your things—from clothes to accessories. To create a cohesive look in your bedroom, make sure that you pick a piece that goes well with your room's theme. 

Two- Toned. Dresser, Price unavailable, More Than A Chair

Bedside Table

A side table can serve as a storage space for essentials that you need to keep close like books and clocks. When purchasing a side table, opt for a piece that's five inches taller (maximum) than your mattress to make it easier for you to get your things. 

Keep the side table clutter-free by limiting the items that you will store there. Click here for tips on how you can style and accessorize your bedside table.

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If you love having friends over for sleepovers, make sure you have extra chairs in your room. 

Upholstered Armchair, price unavailable, More Than A Chair

*Prices are subject to change.

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