The Anatomy of a Bathroom

How well do you know your bathroom? Choose the perfect layout and fixtures with the help of these tips


The bathroom is known to be the go-to spot in every home. It's place where you conduct daily must-dos such as brushing your teeth or putting on your makeup. But aside from being a busy area, the bathroom can also be a place for some relaxation.

When building your new bathroom, you must consider the right layout, fixtures, and furniture. Interior designer Peaches de Guzman-Grey shares with us some helpful tips to help you build the space that you've always wanted.

Two important considerations first:

Space Requirements

When building a new bathroom, you must consider the recommended space requirements. Make sure that you leave at least 21 inches of clear floor space in front of every fixture, and 30 inches by 30 inches for the shower so you can have enough elbow room. (Familiarize yourself with the recommended bathroom measurements here.)


Plan the working areas (sink, bath, water, closet) around a central space to be able to achieve a more spacious design. To help you finalize the layout that will suit the needs of each family member, consider the following questions: Who will use the bathroom? How will they use it? Do you need extra cabinets? What items are you planning to store in the bathroom?

After taking into consideration these items, you may now decide on the fixtures, materials, and accessories that you'll need. Keep in mind that each bathroom is different as it depends on the user's needs and style. 

Main photo by Rene Mejia

Master Bathroom

If there are only two of you sharing the space, you might need two lavatories to save time, especially when you're both preparing to go to work in the morning. Consider having a bathtub and a shower to help maximize space. A bathtub is great for soaking after a long day at work while a shower works best when you're rushing.

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Family Bathroom

The best layout for a family bathroom is one that has a lot of storage that are easy to reach. Store your supplies (shampoo, soap, tissue paper) where it's accessible. An enclosed water closet and bidet is advisable for privacy, too.

RL Tip: “If there are children and elderly who need assistance, grab bars are essential to the design. If a big family shares the same bathroom, an enclosed water closet for privacy is advisable," shares Peaches.

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Small Space

“The best layout for a small space is one that has all the plumbing lines on the same wall because it saves on labor and supply expenses,” Peaches says. It's also advisable to use an oval shaped sink to be able to have more space for the counter.

 Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

Choosing the right fixtures:


When choosing the right toilet, evaluate the shape and height of your water closet. 

RL Tip: Consider a dual flush toilet. These toilets have two buttons (half tank flush and full flush) which can help you save water.

Bonus: Never install a colored water closet because sometimes, it is important for you to observe the color of your urine—especially when you are under medication.

Photo by Dairy Darilag


The most common sinks are pedestal, wall-mounted, and above counter sinks. Although pedestal type sinks and wall-mounted sinks lack storage space, they are best for small bathrooms because they don’t take up a lot of space.

Above counter sinks can also go with any type of countertop. These sinks are hard to maintain though, as water can accumulate on the countertop, especially when the water splashes. When using this type, be on the lookout for the perfect faucet. Wall-mounted faucets are ideal for above counter sinks. 

Photo by Ocs Alvarez


When choosing your showerhead, consider your water supply. Rain showers may not actually produce the rain effect that you want because of poor water supply. Avoid slipping by opting for non-skid tiles and installing grab bars in the shower area. 

RL Tip: To avoid accidents, make sure that you glass shower door swings out. 

Photo by Dairy Darilag


When installing tubs, make sure you have at least 600 by 1200mm clearance beside it. The ideal height of the tub should also be 450mm to 600mm and nothing more than that. However, before purchasing your bathtub, make sure you identify who will use it. Bathtubs are often hazardous for children and elderly people because they may have trouble getting in and out.

Photo by Dairy Darilag

Shower Enclosure

Choose a tempered glass shower enclosure that swings out. This makes the bathroom easy to maintain. If you have a small space, you may also use a shower curtain. 

Photo by Jun Pinzon

Bath Rug

Your rugs should always be coordinated with your shower curtains. Select one that is non-skid to avoid accidents in the bathroom.

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Floor and Wall

Tiles are the most commonly used bathroom finish. Pick tiles that are smooth and glossy for the walls for easy maintenance and non-skid tiles for the floor. Select a color that is easy to maintain such as ivory, cream, and white.

Dark colored tiles in the bathroom tend to leave soap residue, making it hard to maintain. If you have an extra budget, mosaic tiles make an interesting accent and/or focal point in your bathroom. A paint finish is also advisable for your walls, and if you are on a budget, you can also liven up your wall by painting a DIY mural.

RL Tip: You may also opt for a cement finish for the walls to create an industrial feel.

Picasso Mosaic Agate 30 x 30cm, Wilcon Depot

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