This Collapsible Wooden Table is Perfect for Small Spaces

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Photography: (L to R) Woja Ignacio, Lara Viray

Living in a tiny condo or apartment where there's not much room to go around can be a little bit challenging. Most of the time, you have to consider certain items and ask yourself if you really*need it in your place or not. But with proper planning and the right purchases, it's still very much possible to maximize your area—no matter how limited—and have a comfortable space that you can call home.

If you're looking to upgrade your furniture but are concerned about the area it will take up, don't worry. We gotchu! Consider this foldable, space-saving table by furniture designer and woodworker Woja Ignacio of Woja Ignacio Designs as your next home essential. Take a look.

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Woja Ignacio Designs' space-saving table: features

Made with imported birch plywood, this space-saving table measures 110 x 90 x 75 centimeters. "It's a lot more durable than the regular plywood because it consists of more ply, and each is made from birch," Woja explained.


In fact, one Pinay even got to share her thoughts with us on what it's like to use the space-saving table. For Lara Viray, she mentioned that having limited space to settle in made her think of ways on how to maximize and make every corner functional. Eventually, the idea of having modular furniture that's versatile came up. Getting the space-saving table made all the difference.


According to Lara, "Before, the space was only used for prepping food and dining. Now that the table can be folded, I can do yoga or pottery in the same area. I have yet to pair it with foldable chairs." She added, "I can highly recommend this to those who are living in a condominium or a house with little space."


Woja Ignacio Designs' space-saving table: Price and where to buy

"Since it's a custom design and it's made from quality wood, we're selling the space-saving table for P22,000. Clients usually message me first and I work around their exact needs. Sometimes, they send pegs and I try to replicate it according to their preferences. Other times, the designs and materials are completely custom to cater to their wants and are tailored to fit their space," Woja said.


Want your own foldable, space-saving table at home? If you're thinking of ordering furniture, you can start by sending your inquiries via email or text message through mobile number (0917) 622-0057. For more details, check out Woja Ignacio Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

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