Simple Ways to Style Your Loft Bedroom and Still Save on Space

Keep it stylish and functional!

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At one point in our lives, I'm sure we've all had our own "dream room". For me, I've always had a low-key appreciation for loft-style bedrooms because more often than not, they look pretty chic! Even if you're working with minimal small space, you still get that cozy and relaxed vibe. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of having your personal nook at home.

Got a loft bedroom you'd like to redesign? Keep reading to find out how you can upgrade its overall look, all while keeping it both stylish and functional. 

Do away with excesses.

Before anything else, it's best to declutter. Get rid of all the unnecessary and bulky items you have no use for and only make room for things that truly matter. This is also a good time to reevaluate your belongings and see what you can even donate. 

Use dividers.

Even if your loft-style bedroom doesn't have that much space to begin with, you can still make it look functional without sacrificing style. Maximize your living area and consider adding dividers. Not only does it give you the privacy you need, but it also defines a new part of your home.


Consider low-level furniture.

Based on a vlog by Mandaue Foam Home TV, having low-level furniture gives you that feeling of being in a lounge. "Ang isa pa sa mga nakakadagdag kapag medyo mababa yung furniture niyo [is] mas nagmumukhang mas mataas yung room kasi mataas pa yung natitirang space. So, mas nakakaluwag siyang tingnan." If you're thinking about having your bed closer to the ground, there are three ways you can set it up: 1) Put your mattress above wooden slats or a platform, 2) Place the mattress on top of a carpet, or 3) Use a spring mattress and spring bed box.

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Have fun with lighting and floor design.

According to an article published by Home Beautiful, "When the bedroom loft ceiling is exceptionally low, you won't have enough space on the walls for decor and artwork without making things feel claustrophobic." So instead of having wall decor, you might want to focus on owning pieces like colorful rugs or cool lights for some added style.


Invest in furniture that's multifunctional.

When you have a loft bedroom, every corner and every square meter counts. If you're buying furniture for your room, you'll want to get those that are space-saving and multifunctional. A bed that doubles as storage? Yes please!

Watch the video below for more inspo.

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