RL Picks: Top 14 Condo Bedrooms

These 14 bedroom inspirations may just motivate you to give your private space a fresh new look


It’s been a long day at work and you’re looking forward to a good night’s sleep. It feels good to come home to a relaxing bedroom with clean sheets and comfy pillows. Since we spend precious hours in the said space, it’s just fitting that it looks cozy and inviting.

If you’re thinking of redesigning your bedroom, we've collated 14 condo bedrooms to give you a couple of creative ideas. Read on and get ready to reward yourself with that well-deserved slumber.

White and Lime Green for a Parents’ Bedroom In this 76sqm condo, white walls and floors were paired with soft neutral colors to give the space an airy and spacious feel. In the parents’ bedroom, white is still the predominant color – from the floor, roller blinds, and ceiling. To give it a touch of color, a lime and green pattern was added to the wall. Since the space itself is already inviting, it was complemented with soft pillows and sheets.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Shades of Blue and Yellow for a Guest Room Found in an 84sqm condo is a cozy guest room with a light and fresh palette. Since the house has a minimalist rest house style, tongue-and-groove pinewood cladding is likewise used in the ceiling. To add character to the room, a lamp and mid-century modern chair can be found in one corner.
As if signaling your approach to a space meant for relaxing, the hallway leading to the guest room boasts of a light-colored pinewood.
Sometimes, it all boils down to the details. A delightful addition to the room are little details such as the white and gray side table, a pot of flowers, and a mini wooden calendar.
A Classic Retro Vibe for a Master Bedroom A vintage calendar print, an Andy Warhol iconic piece, and of course --- who would have missed the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pillow – all of these make this room unique and personal. Adding to the overall vibe of the space is the dark wall which works well with the pieces found in the room.
To make the space more functional, a side table with geometric patterns and an orange stool can be found beside the bed. This is ideal for writing down notes and if you want to use your laptop.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Pastel-Colored Pieces for a Master Bedroom in a New York Style Condo Keeping up with the unit’s theme, the master bedroom in this 105sqm condo is spacious with a couple of functional pieces around. The bed has slim metal posts to save on space. This makes it possible to add more functional pieces. To make it multi-functional, a wooden desk and a fully upholstered chair were added to serve as a work/study/vanity area.
Since the condo has a muted palette, pops of color are needed from time to time. This light blue stool by the bed brings color to the space. It can hold a couple of books, too.
When redesigning your space, you may want to consider adding recycled pieces such as this console. This piece was purchased from Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Classy Modern Bedroom Simple yet homey, this bedroom found in a 60sqm loft-type condo had the bed dressed in a green and white-patterned sheet. To give the space privacy, the window behind the bed was sacrificed. For storage purposes, low cabinets were added to the room which creates a streamlined look. The classic armchair added on the other side of the room gives off an elegant appeal.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Bedroom meant for a Queen In this Gossip Girl-themed condo, the master bedroom boasts of a customized queen-size bed by Roomscape coupled with dotted sheets and patterned pillows. The shiny wooded headboard serves as a focal point of the piece. Adding glamour to the space are the mirrored side tables with elegant lamps on top.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Earthy Colors for a Master Bedroom Found in a two-bedroom condo unit, this master bedroom highlights colors such as brown and green as seen in the fabrics used. The geometric pattern on the wall complements the printed headboard. Since this room has a lot of patterns, this is also translated in the brown and white pillows and bed spread. To keep up with the earthy theme, a wooden side table is added.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Black and White Details for a Bedroom in a 32sqm Condo In this bachelorette pad with aqua-colored walls, one can see that black and white work well with the dominant color. The tall white shelf has two purposes: first, to separate the bedroom from the living, dining, and kitchen areas; and second, as storage space for the occupant’s books, magazines, and other trinkets.
The occupant chose to turn the area by the window into a quaint reading corner. Black and white throw pillows balance out the dominant aqua theme of the space.
If you love color, then don’t hesitate to add different shades to your space. Aqua complemented by black and white may be dominant in this space – but the owner chose to add other hints of color, too such as the pillow with pink and white patterns and a statement pillow with green letters.

See more photos and view the full home here:
An Elegant and Luxurious Bedroom This master bedroom in a three-bedroom condo boasts of a custom-made upholstered headboard with tufting. But this room is all about space. The bed has pullout storage underneath and to add more space to the bedside table, the designer used droplights instead of the usual table lamp.
To complement the white bedspread, a subtle wallpaper was used to match the entertainment console. A white wing chair is found on a corner where the occupant can sneak in extra reading time.
Blue and Yellow Accents for a Second Bedroom What easily catches the attention of guests is the padded headboard with a damask pattern. It works well with the armchair which has blue and yellow cushions. Adding extra glamorous touches to the room are the beveled mirror over the headboard and the chandelier.
Muted Colors for a Third Bedroom If the first two bedrooms were all about complementing colors, the third bedroom highlights gray, cream, as well as hints of plum and green. Having two beds doesn’t necessarily equate to two side tables as seen in the cantilevered night table added in between beds.
The hallway leading to the room is fitted with custom-built cabinets for extra storage space while the pair of patterned stools found at the foot of the twin beds adds a feminine touch.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Style and Function for a Bedroom in a 45sqm Condo In this room with powder blue, gray, and white hues --- the focal point is the white tufted headboard spanning the height of the wall. To make the space more functional, a work area was added as seen in the elevated table with drawer attached to the wall.
The TV is maximized in this unit as the wall separating the living area and bedroom highlights a swinging TV panel.
Since space is of utmost importance, the bedroom furniture pieces are fitted with extra storage options. These are custom-made by a maker in Pampanga.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Classic Chinese Design paired with Black and White Colors In this bedroom, the birds and trees pattern on the wall is updated with the use of black and white colors. With mostly Asian-inspired décor such as the vintage posted of a Hong Kong actress and the table lamp, the Holiday Chair by Space Encounters on the other side of the bed is a welcome addition.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Maximizing Space in a Master Bedroom In this room found in a 200sqm townhouse, the main attraction is the Arturo Luz piece on the wall above the headboard. To fully utilize the space, built-in cabinets, an entertainment console, and a work desk are found on the other side of the room.
The room evokes a hotel-like experience with its built-in padded headboard.

See more photos and view the full home here:

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