RL Picks: Top 13 Dining Rooms

This space – where families share stories and enjoy hearty meals deserves an upgrade, too.


Kumain ka na ba?” “Kain na!” These Filipino expressions are often heard at home. Without a doubt, Filipinos love to eat and share stories over good food. The dining area is always abuzz with family members sharing a thing or two about what happened at school or at work and if there’s an occasion – the table is always brimming with delicious meals. Whether it’s a simple dining set or an elegant setup, the dining area is a special space in the home where meals and memories are made.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your dining space, here are 13 inspirations to get your creative juices flowing:

An Eight-Seater Dining Area in a Modern Filipino Home To keep up with the theme of the house, modern elements and Filipino touches are seen in the dining area. Complementing the contemporary eight-seater square dining table are the chairs with solihiya pattern on the backrests. Another interesting feature of the space is the lighting fixture designed by the owner herself.
A tall shelf beside the dining area holds decorative pieces and dining essentials.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Light and Open Dining Area in a Beach-Style House Not to be missed in this dining area are: the vaulted ceiling with light-colored wood, the wide windows, and the white walls. Combined, these elements give the area a refreshing airy ambience that keeps up with the theme. The use of white perfectly complements the striped table cloth for the 10-seater dining set, too.
If the space is big, you may also add a couple of functional pieces like the white vintage cabinet filled with colorful jars and bottles. To make the look seamless, vintage décor are also added such as the bird cage and the drawings of three different cityscapes that are mounted on the wall.

See more photos and view the full home here:
An Indonesian Touch for a Dining Area in a Modern Tropical House In this home built using recycled wood, the dining table with glass inlay was bought from Orientique Furniture and Carpets. Located in Mandaluyong, Orientique sells pieces from Indonesia. The simple yet sturdy set works well with the rest of the house’s Balinese-inspired theme.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Modern and Warm Dining Area in a 200sqm Townhouse In this townhouse where contemporary pieces, neutral hues, and Filipino art come together – the dining area is made unique with its modern dining table with a metal base. To give the space the right balance, chairs with warm wood textures were added as well as a couple of indoor plants on the table as décor. The use of a framed mirror on one wall gives an illusion of a bigger space. Completing the dining area is an Arturo Luz piece which hangs on the wall beside it.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Mix and Match for a Family Home’s Dining Area Sophie’s Mom owner Tonette Rosal’s home highlights recycled furniture and a couple of DIY projects. The dining area perfectly samples these elements. The Welsh drop-leaf dining table from Switzerland is a functional piece that can be converted into a console. Working well with the white table cloth are the antique narra chairs which the owner painted in white. To complement the room’s design, the solihiya backrests were retained. The rectangular mirror is yet another reinvented piece.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Customized Pieces and Mid-Century Inspirations in a 105sqm Condo In this unit inspired by the Big Apple, the dining area is a mix of new and old. Complementing the patterned wallpaper is the customized oval table and upholstered mid-century modern style chairs. The cabinet just beside the table provides ample storage space. To give the area a contemporary touch, industrial droplights were used for lighting and a sculptural wooden puzzle from Bali was added as an accent on the table together with a black candlestick.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Natural Touches for a Modern Tropical Home This home filled with natural elements, two dining areas are found: a formal dining area and an informal dining area. We especially loved the informal one as it gives a relaxed and comforting vibe meant for family dinners or a simple gathering with friends. This area is highlighted by the wall of niches lined with araal stones.
Not just a space for storing the family’s belongings, this detail adds a nature-inspired touch to the home and can hold bowls of fruits and other knick-knacks.

See more photos and view the full home here:
An Uncoventional Dining Space In this Asian-inspired 82sqm condo, the dining area can be found near a blue wall adorned with a Jonathan Olazo masterpiece. Instead of the usual dining chairs, the owners chose to have metal stools from Tiendesitas to save on space.
The dining area is set just beside the living area. Keeping up with the Asian theme, carved panels can be found on both sides of the console holding the TV.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Dining Area with Creative Pieces Would you believe that the dining table used to be a door? An old door purchased from an antique shop was turned into a table by adding glass and legs. The table was child-proofed by adding transparent corner guards. To add variety to the space, two types of chairs were used: woven and wood-and-leather chairs.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A National Artist’s Dining Area In this house full of antique pieces and tropical touches, the dining area is furnished with pieces that National Artist for Dance, Alice Reyes grew up with such as the dining table and cabinets. The antique bishop chairs on both ends of the table have been with the owner for years. These pieces give the space a vintage touch.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Industrial Style meets the 1950s in this 30sqm Condo Dining Area In this condo unit owned by a writer and poet, her interests are seen in every corner. Wanting an industrial style for her space, a gray shade was used for the accent wall. This is complemented by the paintings on the wall. The area is furnished with an antique narra dining table from the 1950s. Adding pops of color to the space are the mismatched chairs: a Wishbone chair topped with a Shakespeare pillow, two metal folding chairs with hints of red, and wooden solihiya chair painted in yellow. For the lighting, vintage lamps were used.

See more photos and view the full home here:
A Celebrity Chef’s Dining Area Sabrina Artadi’s home has a mix of budget-friendly pieces and exotic finds. For her dining area, she turned to a secondhand furniture shop located in Bangkal, Makati. It is where her wooden table and matching chairs were bought together with the colored hurricane lamps hanging above the table.
Another interesting find in the home are these exotic pillow cases. These cases are made from rugs that are worn around the edges.

See more photos and view the full home here:
Dining with a View This rest house in Antipolo highlights a dining area that’s spacious and airy. The clear glass sliding doors provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. To maintain the natural look, olive green curtains, wooden furniture, spindle chairs, and chairs with woven details were used. A heat-resistant granite tray in the middle of the dining table allows the occupants to enjoy meals straight from pots or pans. The huge wall mirror makes the area look spacious.

See more photos and view the full home here:

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