WATCH: Kryz Uy Gives Her Bedroom a Mini Makeover

Prior to the makeover, Kryz only had a bed and a single chair in her room.



When Kryz Uy and Slater Young first showed their bedroom on Youtube, it was very minimalist: just the bed and a single chair. After two years, the couple decided to ask Gussy Design for a little help. In case you didn't know, Gussy is an online platform where you can upload the layout of your room and designers guide you through transforming your space.


They wanted the room to be more practical but still looked aesthetically pleasing. The first thing you'll notice is the new couch from Innovation Living by Moderbrands—yes, the one where they record their SkyPodcast! Kryz shares, "This is the first time that we have a couch in our room. Before, the only thing that we had in our room was our bed. Amazing 'to kasi we have another area for us to just chill in the daytime."

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It's sandwich between wood and marble tables from Harver Hill. And according to Kryz, it was Slater who helped with figuring out the design elements.


Perhaps our favorite part of their makeover is the lighting: They added a gold lamp and gorgeous drop lights from Shadows and Patterns. The room used to have black and wood drop lights but hindi raw bagay so they went with something more glam for an elevated look. Fun fact: Slater installed the new drop lights himself!


Not everything in the room is new, however. The La-Z-Boy in the corner was from Kryz's old house and now it's part of the breastfeeding station.

Next, Kryz shares that they were gifted an Hermes plate on their wedding—the same one used for display right beside the lounge area in their room:


Watch the complete tour below:


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