How-To: Styling Shared Spaces For Boys and Girls

It's easier than you think!

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As if designing a shared space wasn't already tough enough, working on a bedroom for brothers and sisters can be even more difficult. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible—the key is to embrace each person's personality and letting both shine in one room with smart styling tricks. To help you get started, here's a list of ideas you can try: 

1. Create the illusion of individual spaces.

This is important for any shared space—the occupants need to feel that although they have a roommate, they have a private area all to themselves. You can do this by having their beds face in different directions or splitting their sleeping space with colorful curtains.  

2. Use rugs to establish different parts of the room.

To further define the space, you can use two area rugs to frame each area. Alternatively, you can use a single runner to separate the sleeping spaces. Feel free to mix and match patterns or stick to neutrals for a less cluttered feel. 

3. For smaller spaces, bunk beds are your best friend.

Aside from saving extra floor space, loft-type beds also save you the trouble of using a divider. Since one cot is raised, each person automatically has a distinct area already. Remember to limit the use of textures to avoid making the room feel much smaller.

4. Color coordinate the furniture and accessories.

Colors are a key element in any space, especially for kids’ bedrooms. Whether it’s a vibrant blue or a pastel pink, make sure to let them choose hues they love and make them feel like the room is their own. Consider using the same lamp in different colors or the same bed frame but different sheets, too. 

5. Add elements that unify the room.

As important as it is to have one-of-a-kind touches for each person, combining certain elements is just as vital. In order to make the space cohesive for two different persons, you can style a nook that reflects their combined interests. Try setting up a play or study area where they can bond and enjoy each other’s company. 


6. Neutrals are always welcome.  

If you’re planning to style a space that would allow them to easily transition into a more grown-up setting, using shades of beige, taupe, and white will do the trick. Just make sure to add personalized details like monogrammed pillowcases or printed headboards to keep the vibe youthful. 

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