This Young Artist Shares How She Used an Old Window Frame to Create an Inspiration Board

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Photography: Courtesy of Sam Rivera

A corkboard is a place where you can pin anything that uplifts and inspires you—photos, letters, flowers, and notes. While you can easily buy a board and some pins from an online store, you can take it a step further to make it reflect your personality.

Sam Rivera, an artist and fashion designer, created her own personal board using an old window frame and acrylic paint. 

“As a Fashion designer, I wanted to have an inspiration board - places, fabric, designs, anything that inspired me. It ended up becoming a memory board; I didn’t want to remove personal things as a lot of things on my board are memorabilia - letters from friends, Instax photos, postcards from around the world, concerts, and events tickets.” 

In an interview with Real Living, Sam, together with and her mother, shared a step-by-step process on how they customized the board, which will hopefully inspire you to do your own!


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1. Conceptualization

Sam first thought of how she wanted the board to look. She wanted to make it match her room, which meant putting a frame over the original metal frame of the corkboard.  It was her mother that suggested that they use an old white window frame from a different room in the house. 


“I was thinking of how paintings are framed. I wanted to make the board look like a piece of art, too.”   

2. Obtaining the window frame.

They used a hammer to remove the window frame from the wall. (Sam suggests an alternative would be to buy a window frame from a home improvement center for those looking to frame their corkboards). Once they got the old window frame, they cleaned it used white spray paint to give it a brand new look. 


To put together the pieces, they had a handyman fit and nail it to the cork board. 

3. Painting the board 

Sam used her artistic skills to paint directly on the board itself. She first attempted to draw a portion of the artwork with a pencil, but noticed that the pencil marks were visible since she was using white acrylic paint. So for the rest of the board she had to stick to only using white paint. 


She was inspired by West Asian and South Asian floral patterns. 

“I really thought about how it would reflect my personality and creative taste. I like natural floral patterns and geometric shapes, so I combined the two. I put a painting (on the board) because I like putting my own twist to things. ” 


* * *

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