Expert Advice: 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Condo on a Budget

Interior designer Vera Villarosa-Orila shares tips that can add value to a space


RL Reader Mary Grace is planning to move into a bigger townhouse that will suit the needs of her family. Before they can move, they hope to sell the 58sqm two-bedroom unit that they currently own first. However, to be able to make the unit attractive to potential buyers, a lot of work needs to be done. If you're like Mary Grace who's planning to invest in a unit for renting or simply want to upgrade your current home, there are easy solutions that you can work on.

A fresh coat of paint can boost your home's appeal more than you expect it to. Given a short time frame, the most you can do is repaint your walls, add built-in furniture, and probably work on the ceiling, too. You can also add a few details to freshen up the space.

Main photos from: Ultralinx.

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