Easy-to-Miss Living Room Mistakes You Might Be Making

Are you guilty of these decorating blunders?

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The living room plays a big role in any home. It's where we lounge in after a long day, where we welcome guests and friends, and where the family comes together for quality time. Considering all these and it being at the forefront of our homes, our living rooms should get the same attention as every other room. Sadly, many of us are guilty of missing common decorating mistakes that keep our living rooms from becoming welcoming and functional. Thankfully, it only takes a few tweaks to remedy them. These small adjustments can mean the difference between a so-so living room and a great one. Check to see if you’re making any of these blunders:

Choosing the wrong sofa

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At every living room’s heart is the sofa. If it’s amiss, everything else will feel wonky. Often we only keep in mind the look of a sofa and leave out details like size, shape, or textile. These particulars contribute to making your sofa comfortable and right for your space and home. To avoid making a costly mistake, you should consider these concerns: Is the height right and is it soft enough for optimal comfort? Is the size and shape good for your layout? Are the leg finishes and textile right for the look? When in doubt, go for something timeless and simple. They’re easy to accessorize and match with any style. Try to avoid anything too ornate in case you want to switch up looks later on.

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Not drafting a layout


Preparing your living room layout beforehand is crucial to making a great living space. Most people skip this step and end up getting too much furniture or pieces in the wrong size. Either that or things get placed in the wrong spots; disrupting the natural flow of the room causing it to feel cramped and uncomfortable. You really don’t want to bang your knee on your coffee table while getting up from your sofa or have an awkward space where no one wants to sit in.

When planning your layout, make sure there’s enough space for navigation. Consider window and TV views and furniture groupings that will allow easy conversation when you have guests over. You can make a mock layout by replicating furniture spaces with masking tape. This is better than having a simple printed floor plan because you can see where everything will be and walk around it in your actual space.


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Getting a small area rug

Don't worry, this is a mistake committed by many homeowners. There aren’t really any general rules to choosing an area rug but if there’s one thing you should know; don’t get a rug that’s too small. Getting a smaller rug makes a space look small and awkward. It should roughly reach the back ends of your sofa and chair legs and extend past your coffee table no matter what your layout is. If getting a large rug is too pricey, you can opt to get two medium-sized rugs and layer them to cover the space.


Copying that showroom look

Showrooms are beautiful but to design a great living room, you have to make sure it’s actually livable. Stores are meant to sell you products so it is dependent on what they’re selling. Just because the look matches what you like, doesn’t mean it’s suited for you and your home. You have to consider if the furniture is functional for your needs, if the textiles’ wear and tear is suitable for the members of your household (special consideration for furry family members), or if the accessories are practical. You want your living space to cater to your everyday needs and not just be aesthetically pleasing.


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