DIY: Industrial Lamp

Put your creative and carpentry skills to the test with this week's project


You may use this as your bedside lamp. Pile on a couple of books or add interesting tabletop décor or a figurine under the bulb.

Crafts by VGRAFIKS Design and Branding. Styling by Tala Singson, Photographed by Paolo Feliciano. Shot on location at Home Matters.

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  • Scrap Wood --- (four ¾” x ¾” x 2’ pieces for the poles; four ¾” x ¾” x 1’ pieces for the top frame: one 1’ x 1’ by ¾” pieces for the base; and one ¾” by ¾” by 15” piece for the diagonal bar on top, where the bulb will hang from)
  • Old light bulb socket and cord
  • Lamp cord switch
  • Two- prong plug
  • Paint in flat finish
  • Bulb (filament bulb & heat)
  • Wood putty
  • Sandpaper
  • Two- inch finishing nails
Re-do it:
  1. Sand down the wooden pieces until you get a smooth finish. Clean of residue.
  2. Drill a hole into one corner of the 1’x 1’ x ¾” square base approximately 1 cm from the sides. Drill hole to size accordingly, making sure the cord can go through. Get one ¾” x ¾” x 2’ pole piece and carve out along one side until halfway. Insert the cord here so it’s not visible. Do the same with the ¾” x 34” x 15” diagonal piece.
  3. Depending on how low you want your bulb to drop, measure the cord you want threaded through the base and along the crevices of your other wooden pieces. Then, nail the four poles in place with two to three finishing nails.
  4. Thread the cord and fill up the pole’s crevice with wood putty. Let the putty dry completely, then sand lightly.
  5. Affix the top frame onto the four posts using a miter joint (just like in a picture frame’s corners) and a few nails.
  6. Get the ¾”x ¾” x 15” diagonal piece with crevice, saw off the corners to fit the inside of the top frame , and nail it in place. The crevice should be facing down. Lay the cord inside the diagonal piece up to midpoint. Secure the cord’s position and seal up the crevice with wood putty. Sand lightly.
  7. Spray paint the entire frame and let dry for at least two hours. Connect the light bulb socket, cord switch, and the two- prong plug with the cord. Finally, screw on the light bulb. 

Tip: If you aren't too confident about securing the electric wiring, seek the help of a professional electrician.


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