Experts Say Having These 5 Colors at Home Will Make You Happier!

Thinking of giving your home a makeover? Make sure you choose the colors wisely!

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Nowadays, giving the home a makeover isn’t limited to painting the walls or bringing in new furniture. Homeowners, especially those who are on a budget, change the look of their homes by rearranging the items they already have and adding accessories.

Aside from shopping for what looks cute and pretty, you may also want to consider the colors you’re working with. Colors can make or break the look of your home. In an article on Real Simple, designers from Studio Gild, a Chicago-based design firm, says, “It’s no secret that color affects your mood – that’s why so much research goes into choosing brand color schemes. With interior design, using a lot of one color in a space can trigger an emotion that you wouldn’t feel if it were used as just an accent color.”

This can be traced back to color psychology, a study that focuses on the impact of colors on one’s behaviors and emotions.


Colors that make you happier

Are you in need of mood boosters? Colors like yellow, green, blue, gray, and can turquoise can liven up the home as well as lift your spirits. Aside from painting an accent wall, you can also choose pillow covers, throws, and accessories in the said colors to give your home a makeover. Here are color options to get you started:

Green and yellow

According to an article on Health, a study by the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam reported that adults felt “happier around these colors.” While these are recommended to be used in kiddie rooms, you can incorporate it into your home’s look through pillow covers in the living area and by adding blankets in yellow in your bedroom.

If you want to do a paint job, you can paint the cabinets in your kitchen in yellow or green.

Sky blue

Sue Kim, a color expert, interviewed by, recommends working with sky blue. “Growing evidence links sleep to productivity, and overall well-being and blue provides soothing and restorative qualities that can help improve rest,” she explains.


If you’re well-rested, you’ll have more energy to accomplish the tasks you have for the day.


Touches of orange can remind you of calming sunsets by the beach and the fun of travel. Consider using it as an accent color or bringing in an accent chair in orange to liven up a plain living area.



Feeling sad each time you enter your bedroom? Make it welcoming with turquoise walls! Designers from the design firm, Gamble + Design, says, “From aquamarine to cerulean blue, turquoise is the go-to palette for vibrant, spiritual connotations, and strong statements.”

If you’re feeling unsure about the colors you’re eyeing for the home, you can schedule a visit to the hardware store to check color swatches. Inquire about the shades available and don’t hesitate to ask attendants for suggestions. Those assigned to the paint section can give a tip or two to help make your home makeover a success.


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Experts Say Having These 5 Colors at Home Will Make You Happier!

Thinking of giving your home a makeover? Make sure you choose the colors wisely!

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