Here’s a Simplified Explanation to What a Bagua is For

Plus other tips for keeping good energies in your home.

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Having a bagua is a norm in many Filipino homes, and is treated as something that deflects bad luck or bad spirits. While this is somehow true, The Spruce feng shui expert and architect Anjie Cho explains that what it actually does is to “deflect and ward off any ‘poison arrows’ or ‘sha qui.’” These are usually created by sharp angles like building corners or rooflines pointing at the entrance of your home. The bagua is placed above your front door to deflect sharp energy, which may disrupt the balance of energies in your space. It’s also important to only use your bagua on the exteriors of your home: not over a bedroom door inside a home, or above your front door in a condominium or apartment building.

Cho also shares that it’s still important to consult a feng shui expert before installing a bagua. “When you work with an expert, they may be able to offer a more friendly, harmonious, and positive way to work with the difficult feng shui.”


With your outdoor energies balanced, you’re probably thinking of doing the same indoors. Know that you don’t need to purchase so many “good luck” trinkets: feng shui expert Joey Yap says in a YouTube video that you only need to work on what you already have. Here are a few of his practical tips:

  • In your living room, keep the space right after your front door clear of clutter. Called the “Internal Bright Hall” in feng shui, Yap says that it’s an important area where qi collects, which is why its important to keep it open.
  • If possible, don’t put your stove on your kitchen island, as it may expose your food to negative qi. Position your stove against a wall for stability.
  • Your bedroom hugely affects your health and mood. It’s important to position your bed’s headboard against a wall, which is a yin feature, as yin is the energy for relaxation.
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