Decorate Your House on a Budget! Learn From These Real Homes

Refreshing the look of your home doesn't require spending lots of money!


Contrary to what many may think, sprucing up the look of your home doesn’t have to be too expensive. Here are seven decorating tips for different parts of your home that won’t require spending too much, complete with inspiration from real homes!

Shop at budget-friendly stores

The homeowner bought that stately aparador from her former neighbor for only Php1,200! PHOTO BY Jilson Tiu


There are many, many home stores out there that offer gorgeous pieces which will give you plenty of bang for your buck. Don’t restrict yourself to stores you can find in malls or shopping centers; you can also pay visits to locations such as Quiapo, Dapitan, and Cartimar to score lots of affordable finds, from quirky furniture pieces to unique décor to even plants.

You might also find it convenient to keep on the lookout for any friends or relatives of yours who decide to sell their old pieces! The aparador in the photo, for instance, was bought by Donna Cuna Pita, who owns a home in Cavite, from her former neighbor. “Php1,200 lang ‘yan from my old neighbor,” she told “Nakalabas lang siya sa bahay niya and may bond paper na nakalagay: ‘For sale, Php1,500.’ Siyempre tinawaran ko!”

To learn more about where you can go shopping for budget-friendly furniture and home décor, click here.


Online shopping is your friend

Homeowner Amber Smith Folkman found this rattan couch on a Facebook selling group and dressed it with colorful pillows. PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag

Online shopping is incredibly popular these days, which is not a surprise since there are so many great finds you can get there. But it’s not just trendy clothes, accessories, and gadgets you can purchase online; you can also buy amazing furniture pieces! There are many different selling groups on social media that you can join. For her family home, blogger Amber Smith Folkman told Real Living that she actually got this rattan couch on a Facebook selling group for only Php1,200!


Create your very own gallery

“I just brought our digital photos to print shops, had them blown up, and framed them in store-brought frames,” Amber shared. PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag

You don’t need to have expensive artworks to create your own home gallery — family photographs and children’s artworks will do! “I just brought our digital photos to print shops, had them blown up, and framed them in store-bought frames,” Folkman said. You can also try getting uniform-looking frames to give your gallery wall a cohesive look.


If framed photos and artworks are not your thing, you can try taking inspiration from the bedroom above, where the artworks are hung on a long string secured to the wall. PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag

Paint an accent wall

A quirky accent wall is a great way to add a hint of visual interest to even the plainest of rooms. Take inspiration from this cozy unit! PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela


Repainting is an easy way to refresh the look of any home without splurging too much. But instead of merely painting a new color on your walls, why not try creating an accent wall? You can go for vertical stripes like the ones in the photo above. You can also try redressing your walls in wallpaper to do something new.

Put a DIY spin on your pieces

This unique headboard really makes the bedroom look much more interesting, don't you think? PHOTO BY Jilson Tiu


Flex your creative muscles and revamp some of your pieces! Here’s a great idea: Wrap some rope around the headboard of a bed, just like what Donna did to her son’s bed. Way to make a unique conversation piece!

Spruce up the space with indoor plants

Yes, you can add some small plants to your bathroom! If you have a bit more space, you can also go for bigger plants. PHOTO BY Jilson Tiu


It’s always a good idea to furnish your space with plants. Potted greens are not only pretty to look at; they can also help improve your overall health and wellness! Try adding a couple of these pieces to every room in your home, even your bathroom.

Hang up new shower curtains


If you’re looking for an easy, affordable hack to give your bathroom a fresh new look, a new shower curtain might be just what you need! If you want to splurge a little bit, you can instead have a clear enclosure installed. Aside from your curtains, you can also get new rugs or towels — just make sure to coordinate everything with one another!


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