9 Ways to Bring the Hotel Into Your Home

Come home to a relaxing and truly indulgent hotel-feel every day and night

Photography: Espasyo Manila (Main Photo)

With our progressive urban lives, stress creeps in steadily and continuously that staycation promos are becoming more popular—and even a necessity. Nothing beats the feeling of being pampered in a luxurious suite, with its crisp, white, plush beddings, polished interiors, and impeccably curated décor. But why should you shell out big bucks for this every month or so, when you can come home to it every day and every night?

Consider these 9 easy ways to bring that oh-so-relaxing hotel-feel right into your own home:

Use soft, yellow lights

If you can, opt for soft lights instead of stark, harsh white lights to create a relaxing ambiance in the rooms. You don’t need to use these lights in every room—the living room and bedroom will benefit most with gentle lighting. Consider adding a dimmer, if you can.

Keep clutter at bay

Hotels are rarely cluttered, so tidy up, find space for every item in your home and store things that are rarely used in their proper places. You don't need to keep a Zen-like, uber-minimalist home, but at least keep things that are not used daily in storage bins to avoid cluttering the countertops, tables, and desks.

Photo by Espasyo Manila.


Keep décor at a bare minimum

 Hotels have that relaxing vibe because our senses are not distracted by too many things within a small space. A simple vase here, a functional décor, and you’re set.

Work with muted neutrals

Hotel rooms are rarely decorated in loud colors, so stick to creams, beiges, and whites against dark or light wood. If you want to add color, choose rich plums, shades of gray, or deep blues for a touch of elegance and warmth.

Photo by Marc Jao.

Invest in quality pieces

A set of 300-thread count beddings on a good quality mattress will go a long way into making you feel like you’re on vacation 24/7. While a thick and heavy mattress may feel a little pinch in the pocket, most mattress brands offer a 10-year warranty that gives you 3,650 days of good slumber. Just make sure to take care of your mattress by turning and flipping it over once in a while to ensure an even use on each side.

Pick the right bedsheets

Choose bedsheets that are crisp, yet soft to the touch to ensure a goodnight’s sleep. One-hundred percent cotton sheets are soft on the skin, but tend to wrinkle easily. Linen sheets may be too stiff for some, but stay crisp better.

If you have time, you can opt to iron the sheets for a more polished look. Admit it, aren’t wrinkle-free sheets such a pleasure to look at?

Photo by Espasyo Manila.

Get a scent to add to the multisensory experience

Pick refreshing scents such as fresh bamboo, green tea, cotton, or lavender. You can use an oil burner or diffuser reeds, or better yet, invest in an aromatherapy diffuser machine.

Add some flowers

Every now and then, bring in some fresh blooms plucked from your garden or buy fresh flowers from the local florist. This adds warmth to the home, as well as visual interest into a minimally decorated space. Fabric flowers in silk can also be an option. Stick to a simple arrangement, if preferred, but two or three stems or blooms in a sleek, glass vase will make a difference.

Photo by Espasyo Manila.

Keep it cool

Lastly, keep the room temperature low for a truly comfortable hotel-like feel. No need to hike up your air conditioning daily!

If you can, hang black out drapes on the windows and keep them shut when no one is in the room to shut the sun out and keep the room cool. You can also place two sets of curtains by the window: a sheer one that you can keep closed without completely leaving the room dark, and a heavier one to pull closed when you want to shut the sunlight out.

Photo by Marc Jao.

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