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When it comes to home improvement projects, three important things are on top of every homeowner's list: the look to work on, the budget, and where to shop for the pieces you need.

Lucky for us, a lot of stores are offering a wide array of pieces and services—from furniture and decor to appliances and even free consultation with designers. If you've been thinking about giving your space a much needed redo, we've found six setups you can use as inspiration. You don't have to worry about the items as well—the ones used in the setups are all affordable and available at AllHome:

Living Area

To turn the living area into a posh corner reminiscent of Manhattan apartments, architect Allen Oblena worked with neutrals and plush seating pieces. Recreate a similar feel in your home with these steps:

1. Invest in a sturdy sofa that can serve as the focal point in the room.

2. Pair it with accent chairs in solid colors to accommodate other guests.

3. Have enough storage pieces to keep clutter at bay. For this setup, Allen worked with a chest drawer (P6,950), bookshelves to hold books and magazines (P5,495), and a sleek side table.

4. Add a piece de resistance or a favorite item to complete it. Personalize your living area with a must-have that can instantly grab the attention of your guests. In this setup, Allen added a white porcelain stool beside the sofa to hold decor. You can bring in a piece from your collection or even put a vintage turntable on display.

Dining Area

Since meals are shared in the dining area, it must be an inviting space with bright and cheerful colors. To give the space a colorful boost, interior designer Aaron Paglicawan used blue and orange as accents. These are seen in the furniture, accessories, and tableware. Achieve something similar with these tips:

1. Work with a tropical theme. What better way to create warmth in the dining area that with wooden pieces and a few plants? You can also work on a beach-inspired setup.

2. Consider having a bench and pair it with two chairs so you can accommodate more guests.

3. Liven up the walls with framed photographs showcasing the beach and your favorite Philippine destination.

4. Invest in a quality dining table. The teak dining table in this setup is from AllHome.


One of the challenges in this kitchen, aside from the tight space, is how to create a functional and maaliwalas area given the graphic wall. To achieve a balanced look, interior designer and Real Living deputy associate editor Dagny Madamba chose neutral-colored items and pieces with natural finish.

To make it more homey, she added a curtain and worked with an extra counter that's not only movable, it can be extended, too. She also used a lot of white to temper the colors on the wall and added a cute breakfast nook that can serve as an additional prep area. Get started on your kitchen improvement project with these tips:

1. Pieces in white and natural finish can give your kitchen an inviting and cheerful vibe. Start with an extra prep table (if the space allows).

2. Instead of an ordinary chair, you can also work with slim wooden bar stools. These take up less floor space and seem ideal for quick snacks.

3. Inject colors into your cooking area through colorful utensils, soft furnishings, and even framed prints.


Furnished by decorator Elle Uy, this bedroom has a brick wall and the window as its main features. To brighten it up and make it perfect for a good night's sleep, Elle worked with white furniture and touches of wood. These choices made the setup cozier and ideal for rest. She also chose light colors to create a laid-back feel. To do something similar, take note of these:

1. Work with pieces that serve a function yet do not take up floor space. Elle considers the desk setup as a favorite as it has a small footprint but serves more than one purpose. It's a reading nook, a study area, and a storage piece in one.

2. If you have a tiny bedroom, consider having wall-mounted or pendant lamps. The droplight chosen for this bedroom adds an industrial flair while illuminating the space.

3. Are you planning to have a bed with headboard? Before investing in a piece, see if you can ace your room's look with a DIY touch instead. You can hang frames, an artwork, and even upcycle old louvered doors.

Powder Room

Interior designer and Real Living associate style editor Tala Singson took inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic to complete the overall look of the powder room. It's kept simple and clean—with light neutral colors taking the spotlight while making the space look bigger and brighter. Adding contrast are the dark wooden furniture pieces. Tala shares these tips to help you achieve something similar:

1. Start with an all-white theme. Choose this non-color when picking out the towels, soap dispensers, and other accessories. You can also paint the walls white.

2. Incorporate wooden pieces of furniture to achieve warmth and make the space relaxing.

3. Display potted plants and a tray of scented candles for a Zen feel. 

Outdoor Nook/Lanai

What immediately catches your attention the moment you see this lanai? We're loving the plants on the wall and the wooden pieces used to complete the space. Design consultant Grace Moslares made sure that the owners of this outdoor wonder can maximize the area even if it's small. It can serve as a reading nook, an extension of the living area, or simply as a spot where you can take a break and enjoy refreshments. Give your outdoor area a makeover with these ideas:

1. Make the most of the available space by maintaining a vertical garden. You can take care of succulents, herbs, and cacti.

2. Complete your lanai with slim yet comfortable pieces. A pair of chairs and a table will do. You can throw in a storage ottoman to accommodate an extra guest.

3. Aside from wall-mounted lamps, experiment with string lights to give this part of your home a magical and whimsical feel.

The setups featured in this article were done for the AllHome x Real Living Design Hub. To learn more about AllHome, click here. All pieces included in the vignettes are available at AllHome. Visit for a list of branches.

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