6 Tips For Decorating Shared Spaces

You can finally forget about sibling rivalry

Photography: freshome (Main Photo)

Sharing spaces is always tricky—especially when you're doing it with your sister or brother. It's easy to coexist with someone you love dearly, but sometimes having the same last name does not always mean having the exact same decorating style. What if you have no choice but to split a room between the two of you? Avoid unnecessary squabbles with these tips: 

  • "Buy big furniture pieces together," interior designer Dagny Madamba advises. This is especially important for shared pieces like a dining set or a sofa. 
  • Compromise and consult each other. Don't force your styles into one another. "Try exploring what you have in common aesthetically—no matter how few they are," says interior designer Tala Singson, who shares a condo unit with her twin. You'll eventually find the perfect in-between.
  • Tala suggests giving each other home decor as gifts. It's also a clever way of mixing your own style with your siblings. 
  • According to Tala, it's also best to go for neutral walls. You may inject each of your preferred colors via small decor pieces for a surprising pops of it around your home. 
  • Shop for your home together. To avoid conflict, don't surprise each other with pieces that don't match your joint style. 
    • Cut down on collections. Whether it be streamlining vignettes or chucking multiples in the trash, do whatever you can to keep your belonings manageable to avoid "space takeover" issues between the two of you.

    This story is updated from a previously published article in November 2015. 

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