5 Must-See Celebrity Living Rooms and What You Can Learn from Them

A new layout and an invest piece can transform your space in a jiffy

Photography: Rene Mejia (Main Photo)

It is safe to assume that when celebs are not busy working on their TV shows, movies, and other showbiz commitments, they would love to stay at home (aside from going abroad!) to read, sleep, and simply enjoy quiet moments with friends and family. To be able to do this, their living areas are comfy and cozy, making it a perfect spot for lazy afternoons.

If you're planning to revamp your living area, these five living areas can serve as your design pegs. No need to worry about the costs of furnishings and pieces as you can just replace the curtains and pillow covers to achieve a new look. To mark the end of the holiday season and to start the year with a bang, there are stores who are having clearance sales this month so make sure you don't miss the big discounts! Take note of the pieces that you liked in the spaces below and see if you can score something similar from your favorite shop.

Zsa Zsa Padilla and Conrad Onglao

Zsa Zsa Padilla and Conrad Onglao's living area features floor-to-ceiling glass panels that let sunlight in. To keep up with the modern Asian theme of the home, Oriental-inspired decor are also seen in the space.

To create a similar feel in your own home, you can keep the space open and airy by opening the windows in the morning. This allows the area to "breathe" and the natural light helps create an illusion of bigger space. If you're not too comfortable about leaving the windows open, you can use light-colored and sheer curtains.

Keeping the space clutter-free is also an effective way of avoiding a cramped look.

Pieces we love: We can't get enough of the clear coffee table and L-shaped sofa! Both pieces help open up the space.

Photo by Dairy Darilag | Click here to see the complete home tour.

Toni and Alex Gonzaga

The Gonzaga family's living area features wooden furniture, ceramic decor, and a fully upholstered three-seater sofa.

If you're leaning toward the classic look, this space is the perfect peg. Invest in quality wood furniture and pair it upholstered chairs. Since you don't want the room to look cramped and a bit cluttered, limit the number of decor and accessories. A few tabletop decor and select books can be placed on the coffee table. You can also anchor the area with a rug.

For an updated look, you can also pair the sofa with a couple of wing chairs.

Pieces we love: The matching seats from Imperial House of Furniture, Gifts, and Porcelain. It can be passed down to your kids and it would also look perfect in a family room (if you have one).

Photo by Mike Dee | Click here to see the complete home tour.

Team Kramer

Team Kramer's family home highlights high ceilings and open layout. To complete the look of their three-storey home, they also opted for a simple living area with an L-shaped sectional sofa, wooden coffee table, and a gray shag rug.

If you also have a big family, it's best to keep the living area open and spacious so that you have enough room to accommodate guests and visitors. Since Doug and Chesca love to play with their children, the sectional sofa is a good choice as it allows them to move around and take photos and videos. If your family loves to hold movie nights and bonding sessions, a large seating piece is also ideal.

Piece we love: The wooden coffee table! Even if the space is open, it's still important to invest in storage. Aside from displaying decor on top, the table allows the owners to keep other valuables and possessions underneath.

Photo by Jun Pinzon | Click here to see the complete home tour.

Nikki Gil

Nikki Gil's modern tropical home features a relaxing living area complete with an oversized sectional sofa with a woven base, colorful pillows, and a babty grand piano. 

To achieve the distinct tropical feel, the solid walls were also replaced with wood-and-glass sliding doors. Guests can enjoy a view of the inviting lanai and the peaceful outdoors.

If you're also thinking of having a tropical look for your living area, start by adding small wooden and woven decor pieces. After this you can invest in a sturdy sofa that would be perfect for days when you simply want to relax and read a book. Consider working with nature-inspired colors like brown and green.

Piece we love: We simply adore the sectional sofa with woven base. It can easily remind you and your guests of a favorite tropical destination or resort. 

Photos by Rene Mejia | Click here to see the complete home tour.

Ryzza Mae Dizon

Simple yet cozy and functional, Ryzza Mae Dizon's living area is furnished with a gray sectional sofa, a flat-screen TV, and a black console table. It's perfect for days when Ryzza and her family just want to watch their favorite shows or movies.

Just like Ryzza and her family, you can choose to have only the essentials. Since the living area is the perfect place for activities like—entertaining guests, movie marathons, and board games, you only need a comfy sofa, an entertainment system, and tons of pillows. You can also have floor pillows to accommodate more guests during get-togethers.

Piece we love: The gray sectional sofa looks so inviting! We think that we can also enjoy a quick nap in the space.

Photo by Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions | Click here to see the complete home tour.

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