5 Easy-To-Do Floral Arrangements

Master this lovely work of art in just a few steps

Original Article: Coni Tejada Photography: Jun Pinzon

Whether you’re having a party or simply sprucing up your home, a vase of flowers instantly adds life to your space. You don’t have to hire an expert florist to create beautiful arrangements as you can make one on your own. Be creative and feel free to mix fresh and faux flowers in one vase! Here are five simple arrangements from interior designer Leo Almeria to inspire you:

1. Whimsical

This type of floral arrangement is perfect on a console table or dining table. For this, you can use both fresh and artificial flowers. 

What you need:
Bromeliads • Fresh leaves • Horsetail • Wire twigs • Floral foam • Raffia • Leaves • Kamuning leaves • A giant martini glass or a clear bowl 

1. Soak the floral foam in water until it absorbs enough and becomes damp.
2, Use leaves to wrap the floral foam and secure it with raffia.
3. Place the Bromeliads in the center of the glass.
4. Put Orlando leaves in front and use Kamuning leaves to fill the gaps.
5. Insert the horsetail at the back of the arrangement.
6. Frame the focal point—the Bromeliads—by bending two horsetails stems.
7. Balance out the straight lines by putting wire twigs at the back of the arrangement and bending them forward. 

2. Casual and Whimsical

Whip up this floral arrangement if you want to spruce up your buffet table. Use fresh flowers to create this arrangement.

What you need:
A few blades of cogon grass • Horsetail stems • Baby’s breath sprigs • Anthuriums • Carnations • Floral foam • Wide, green leaves • Raffia strands • A gigantic wine glass or any glass base that can elevate the arrangement 

1. Soak your floral foam in water completely.
2. Use the wide, green leaves to wrap the floral foam and secure it with raffia.
3. Put the Anthuriums and Carnations first.
4. Add some blades of Cogon grass and sprigs of Baby’s breath.
5. Insert the remaining blades of Cogon grass and bend some them.
6. Leave some of the blades of Cogon grass hanging loosely to soften the look.
7. Cover the gaps on the floral foam with small green grass.

3. Impromptu Look 1

Use found objects to create this floral arrangement that looks perfect on a console table or coffee table. You can use both fresh and artificial flowers. 

What you need: 
Dwarf pineapple • twigs • Wire stems • Orlando leaves • Bromeliad • Aazucena sprigs • A tall, clear vase  

How to:
1. Soak your floral foam in water. Then, wrap it with leaves and secure with raffia.
2. Coil a wire stem and place it at the bottom of the vase.
3. Place the Bromeliads followed by the Dwarf pineapples. Then, add the Orlando leaves.
4. Insert the Azucena stems at the back of the arrangement.
5. Coil a wire stem and place it at the center, with the ends pointing to the Dwarf pineapples to highlight them.

4. Impromptu Look 2

Use faux flowers in this arrangement. This works well in a foyer or in a niche. 

What you need: 
Slipper orchid • Long, thin, green stems • 2 stainless cylinder vases or bamboo poles (one tall and one short) • Cylinder flasks • Test tube flasks • PVC pipes painted in silver or gray • A glass tray (glass tray designed by Leo Almeria)

1. Bundle five stems together and curl one stem around them.
2. Place the bundle in the taller vase.
3. Curl one stem into a spiral and place it in the shorter vase. Make sure it spirals downward.
4. Place the orchid in the center of the shorter vase.
5. Put the two vases off center on the tray.


5. Zen-inspired

Prepare your faux flowers for this floral arrangement. This looks great in a narrow wall niche. 

What you need:
Onion grass Papyrus Berries Hydrangea  A narrow black, stone vase  Metal frame stand (vase and stand designed by Leo Almeria)

1. Place the bunch of Hydrangea inside the vase and place long-stemmed elements behind the bunch.
2. Place some of the grass in the vase to soften the look.
3. Insert the berries into the arrangement. Then, put the vase at the center of the metal frame stand.

Read the original article (“Designer DIY: Flower Power”) in the November 2006 issue of Real Living magazine. Download your digital copy on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details.

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