5 Easy Kitchen Updates

Make cooking easier and more efficient by giving your prep space a new look


“Function should always be the number one consideration when designing your kitchen,” shares interior designer Peaches de Guzman-Grey. Since it’s a place of activity where we prepare meals, and sometimes, where we also eat quick meals, it is essential to have an efficient kitchen.

Main photo by Vincent Coscolluela.

Do a quick inspection and see if there are immediate concerns that you need to address ASAP. To get you started, here are two important things that you need to consider:

  1. Make sure that you follow the golden triangle rule when placing appliances such as the refrigerator, stove, and sink.
  2. As much as possible, avoid putting the stove and refrigerator too close to each other. If this cannot be avoided, install at least a 6-inch concrete hollow block between the two.

Learn more about kitchen layouts here.

If a kitchen makeover is part of your long-term plans, here are easy updates that you can do for now. You need not do all of these at once. Prioritize and work within a budget.

Repaint your kitchen cabinets.

Peaches suggests a glossy paint finish to avoid fingerprints, oil residue, and dust. Once you’ve repainted your cabinets, you may also consider adding new drawer pulls. Depending on your color scheme or style, there are thousands of interesting and charming drawer pulls and handles that you can choose from. Visit the nearest hardware to inquire about designs and prices.

You may also consider decorating your cabinets using washi tape. Click here to learn how.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

Add storage.

If you don’t have enough space for your utensils and essentials, you may opt to install stainless steel cabinet baskets. These baskets can help keep your items organized. “You may also add shelves where you can store small appliances such as the microwave oven, toaster, and other items instead of putting them on the countertop,” Peaches says.

Photo by Tammy David.

Consider having a new countertop.

If you have enough budget, you may also change your countertop. Consider using synthetic granite for a modern and sleek look. Using the said material also limits bacterial growth.

Photo by Vincent Coscolluela.

Start slow by adding a couple of accessories and decorating your space.

Create a theme by making sure that your décor pieces go well together. If the kitchen is seamless, you also avoid having a cluttered look.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

Have enough lighting and power outlets.

Proper lighting is essential to avoid any accidents in the kitchen. It is also best to have both 220 volt and 110 volt outlets in the kitchen.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

Bonus Tips:
  • The easiest upgrade is keeping your kitchen in pristine condition. Start by not leaving food in the counter.
  • Keep the pantry clean and organized.
  • Invest in a sturdy trash bin.
  • Always clean your stove and wipe away excess oil and dirt.
  • Keep your utensils and plates neat and tidy. Store dinnerware properly to avoid scratches and chips.

Photo by Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions.

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