11 Rooms Perfect for Disney Princesses

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Many of us grew up reading fairy tales and watching movies featuring grand palaces and the triumph of good over evil. These stories stayed with us even until now which is why a lot has been written about the lovely Disney princesses alone. Many have tried to picture them living in the 21st century: what would they wear? What would be their kind of music? How would they look like?

These stories made me wonder too! What if the Disney princesses got a chance to decorate their own spaces? Would they choose bold prints over simple furnishings? Do they have a specific style in mind? To help you imagine how their homes would look like, we've collated photos of lovely interiors that would match the story and personality of each princess. Check them out and you might discover a few decorating tips too: 

Main photos from: Disney Wikia and Her Paperweight.


The lovely lady from Princess and the Frog works as a waitress who plans to open her own restaurant soon. We think that she'll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen so it needs to be spacious and organized.

Decorating idea: Work efficiently by investing in storage solutions and maximizing the walls. Install wall-mounted shelves and cabinets to save on floor space. Create a sunny vibe by opting for bright and relaxing colors such as green and yellow.

Photos from Pinterest and Old House Online.


Who would forget the inspiring story of Merida in Brave? Since she's into tough activities, we're guessing that there are days when she would simply want to relax and unwind. A cozy living area is perfect for this energetic lady.

Decorating idea: Welcome the outdoors into your home! Maximize natural light and bring in potted plants to give the space a refreshing touch.

Photos by Marc Jao and For Redheads.


Pocahontas would love to be in touch with the outdoors where she can be one with nature. We imagine her sprucing up the lanai and choosing bold prints for her furnishings.

Decorating idea: Go eclectic and play with colors when completing your outdoor space. A few prints wouldn't hurt and this is a perfect break from the usual neutral tones.

Photos from Disney Mag and Birch and Bird.

Snow White

The fairest in the land would want to have a snug private space where she can sleep soundly and forget the worries of the day. Of course, she also needs a neat space that can accommodate all her friends.

Decorating idea: Go minimalist in the bedroom. Since it's the special place where you can unwind and recharge, it needs to be free from clutter. Pick the items that you would need and limit the number of items on your side table.

Photos from Disney Wikia and Her Paperweight.

Sleeping Beauty

Compared to Snow White's private space, Aurora's bedroom need to be a bit more luxurious—perfect for a princess. A tufted headboard, a dazzling chandelier, and an ornate mirror are just some of the must-haves that she'd prefer.

Decorating idea: A luxurious look need not be expensive! You can craft your own cushioned headboard to save on costs and you can always visit secondhand shops for pieces that you can update and use at home.

Photos from Is It Really Necessary and Thistlewood Farms.

Courageous and simple, Mulan would definitely want a simple home with Asian touches. Her living room would feature basic pieces, stylish ligh fixtures, and well-selected decor pieces.

Decorating idea: Invest in the basics. You don't need to fill your home with big pieces of furniture that you won't be able to maximize. Compare different brands and prices by visiting different stores. Opt for a quality piece that's within your budget.

Photos from Disney Wikia and The Style Files.


After a long and stressful day, Cinderella would surely enjoy a relaxing bath in a well-designed bathroom. Liven up an all-white space with metallic catchalls and interesting light fixture.

Decorating idea: Maximize your bathroom by choosing the right layout. An all-white theme is perfect if you want to achieve a streamlined look. Simply add life to the space by choosing accessories in bright hues.

Photos from Playbuzz and PopSugar.


We're sure that Ariel would love to have a sea-inspired bedroom that will remind her of her friends and loved ones. To complete the space, wooden elements and touches of blue, white, and green are ideal.

Decorating idea: For a calming space, opt for nature-inspired touches such as shades of brown and green paired with neutrals. Choose woven baskets as storage and ocean-inspired wall art.

Photos from Fanpop and DigsDigs


I'm pretty sure that Rapunzel would opt for a loft where she can let her hair down and enjoy some quiet time. Her space would have a mattress and a special nook for her hobbies.

Decorating idea: There are so many things that you can do to maximize a loft. Use it as a private room or as a work area. You can also turn it into a closet. Make sure that it is well-ventilated and well-lit.

Photos from UsWeekly and Love Chic Living.


Belle would definitely enjoy having parties and gatherings at home! To be able to accommodate guests, a cozy and spacious dining room is a must!

Decorating idea: Update the look of your dining area by adding a chic table runner or a lovely centerpiece using items that you already have. Feel free to mix and match chairs and update the table with a fresh coat of varnish (for wooden tables).

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Photos from Buzzfeed and Luxe Interiors + Design.


Who would forget the balcony scene featuring Aladdin and Jasmine? Since the princess has a soft spot for this part of the house, she will keep it inviting with lots of plants and colors.

Decorating idea: Liven up a small balcony creating a small pocket garden where you can maintain herbs and succulents. You can also turn it into an extra entertainment area or dining space when you have friends over.

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Photos from Be a Pirate or Die and Interior Design 2015.

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