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This IG-worthy Photography Studio Used to be an Old House

The owners flipped the run-down property to achieve a minimalist content creation house

Photography: Screenshot from Youtube/OG

Sometimes, it’s not always about buying something brand new, but transforming something old into something more beautiful.

That’s what husband and wife Robi Salas and Kyla Zuniga-Salas did. They flipped an old home to build their dream content creation studio, Undo House. Today, it’s an ultra-chic, modern, and minimalist venue that’s perfect for almost any shoot.

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“When we saw the house, it was actually old and deteriorated na,” Kyla tells the OG team. “But then the structure is very workable.”

To simplify the renovation process, Robi and Kyla kept most of the house’s existing structure. For the exterior, the couple had the fence and small gate removed, developing an open parking space for customers.


Totally Instagrammable

Stepping inside, similar muted hues of white create a bright, airy space. First to greet guests is a dining area, where customers can use for food photography or table setup content. A fully-functioning kitchen comes with a sink for showcasing food or kitchenware. There’s also a textured wall that can be used as background.

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“What I love about this house is every wall or every corner is Instagrammable,” Kyla shares. “For example, this big arc door with the curtain detail that you can actually use as a background.”

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Next to the dining area is the living area, a bare space flexible for any shoot concept, featuring a high-ceiling concrete wall, a custom-made curtain, cute sofas, and a full-body mirror for mirror selfies and OOTDs. A basement, meanwhile, serves as the VIP room, aka the makeup and dressing room area.


Upstairs are the studio’s two themed rooms connected with an open bathroom washed in neutral colors for a Mediterranean look, just right for taking pictures of skin care content. Also sporting a Mediterranean vibe is the first room, inspired by Moroccan interiors and colored using limewash paints.

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The other room, meanwhile, is the French art deco room, with a sofa, Greek columns, and wall moldings for extra texture. Similarly, it has a full-body mirror for selfies and wardrobe pics.

Getting real about renovating

The Undo House lot measures 260sqm, with a floor area of 200 square meters. Originally, they planned the construction for three to four months, starting from the acquisition of the house in January 2022. However, the pandemic created challenges with the availability of their manpower and delivery of materials, causing delays. They ended up extending the construction to June to July.


Because Robi’s family worked in the construction business, it helped them save on the renovation expenses. His father also oversaw the whole project. All in all, Robi and Kyla spent around P1 million for the renovation.

To those who wish to flip old properties, Robi cautions them to have a professional team to help them achieve their concept. He also recommends to plan the budget carefully as there will be surprise expenditures along the way.

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Lastly, he warns them to use quality materials. “Laging merong alternative na mas mura, kaso the problem with that is minsan yung mga cheaper and yung mga materials na mas mura, sila yung mas mabilis masira,” he notes.

Want to rent out the Undo House? Get in touch with Robi and Kyla by messaging them on Instagram.

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