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Slater Young’s 5 Most Practical Tips for Building a Home

The civil engineer has a lot of sound advice you can take to heart!

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Building a brand new home can be both exciting and challenging, which is why always helps to research and look to professionals when doing so. To help you with the process, Cebu-based model, actor, and civil engineer Slater Young, has a lot of sound advice that can guide you through the basic ins-and-outs of what to consider before, during, and after your home's construction. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of his most practical tips from his vlog to help you get started. 

1. Consult with professionals, even for a budget home 

Slater stressed the importance of discussing your home construction plans with engineers, 

architects, and electricians. Why? In the long run, these professionals can help you save money by using their expertise to keep your house safe from significant issues, such as leaks, electrical problems, and earthquakes. These professionals will also help ensure that your house is aesthetically pleasing, from stunning home designs to the perfect lights to set the mood for your home. 


2.  Get quotations from different suppliers, and thoroughly scan the quotation 

 This may take a lot of effort, but by doing this you can get the best deals possible. According to Slater, it is also crucial to look at the quotation thoroughly, as some suppliers attempt to conceal important items in their quotation or even choose to not include essential items to make it seem cheaper but charge you for them later on. 

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3. Keep all the signed contracts and don’t trust handshake deals

This will keep you legally protected from suppliers who don’t intend to keep their end of the bargain. 

4. Think ahead and make decisions that will save you money in the long run. 

From the conceptualization to the execution phase, apply ways you can save money long term. Some examples would be using a minimalist design rather than one with a lot of moldings, and installing a solar power system and LED lights to cut down electricity bills.  Slater also recommends that you splurge on things that are important, and reduce costs that are not as important. This requires you to create a list of what you want in your home, with the top items being the most important and the bottom items being the least.  


5.  Don't forget safety measures in your bathroom

For the floor, use non-slip tiles to prevent injuries from occurring. When requesting a sample tile, Slater suggests that you have it signed by the sales personnel and signing it yourself as well. This is just to prove that is the specific tile you chose in the case that the shop delivers the wrong kind of tile. 

Prevent molds from entering your bathroom (and causing dangerous slippery spots) by using waterproof fiber cement for your ceiling. If you still want to use wooden ceilings, ensure that you have vents to keep the air circulating.

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