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Colors You'll Want to Paint Your Living Room With

Make it cozy, inviting, and most importantly, restful.

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The living room is one of the most important areas in the house. It’s usually the first room people see when they walk in, and it can definitely set the tone for their stay. While the pandemic has turned the living room from a guest centerpiece area into more of a relaxation space for the family, having the right color can really dictate the mood you’ll feel once you see it.

Here are a few solid color and two-tone choices the we felt would fit really well in a living room that’s dedicated to relaxation, to help you get in the mindspace of de-stressing and comfort. 


Nothing beats a clean and classic white to brighten your living room. Pairing it with soft white curtains can lend a wispy feel to the space, helping it look more delicate and light. White walls have had a dark reputation of being associated with sanitariums, but with the Scandinavian style of white and wood still being a popular choice among homeowners, this is slowly being forgotten. Try having fresh flowers and plants to make the room look bigger and more airy.

Light Gray

There's the wrong notion that gray is too drab, but it can actually help accentuate interesting furniture pieces and decor. Contrasting the wall color with brightly-colored fixtures can evoke a feeling of energy and activity, especially when you have different textures that the eyes can look over. 

 Mint Green

Missing the beach? Having a cooler shade of green on the walls can definitely evoke a relaxing tropical vibe, especially if you have a lot of knick-knacks that cater to your love of white sand and calm waves. Having a glossy mint green in a room with a lot of natural light can help it become more relaxing, as the light hitting the walls give off a brighter tone while shaded areas contrast.


Dark Gray

Don’t be afraid of painting your walls in a dark gray, or even a matte black. Darker colors in a room tend to evoke feelings of intimacy and private spaces, getting you into a cozy feeling faster after a long day of staring at a computer screen. Offset this with amber mood lights that you can dim, to up the relaxation factor of the space. Mixing dark gray with a cool blue gray can help make the room look bigger without decreasing the cozy “cool” feel.


Red is an energetic color, and burgundy is a more passionate shade. If you entertain guests often, you may want to pick this color over a quieter one, as while it's can make the room feel more intimate and cozy, it still retains a warm, dynamic vibe. Pairing this color with blues and purples can give the feeling of a relaxing sunset, and offset the boldness of the color, turning the intensity a few notches down without losing vibrance.

Light Pink

If your living room doubles as your work area, make it pop with a shade of pink! This color matched with yellow and purple throw pillows and clean modern frames for your pictures and paintings evoke energetic creativity while also giving a very mellow and delicate vibe.

Sky Blue + Navy Blue

Having an accent panel of dark blue surrounded by a lighter shade is another way to make the room feel bigger. Hanging your paintings and framed photos on the accent wall also helps draw attention to it by making it stand out. Our eyes are trained to focus on color differences so this color scheme aids in guiding your eyes to where they need to go to feel happy and relaxed. Plus, the cool blue tones encourage the slowing of pace, aiding in relaxation.

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Beige + Off-White

Your parent’s house probably had beige walls, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s not as intense as straight up blinding white, but still gives the room a bright and airy feel. It’s muted brightness lends well to a more formal setup without making the vibe feel too stiff. It also works to bring out the colors of wooden furniture. If you have a lot of wooden pieces in your living room space, consider the off-white shade of colors to complement the space.

Source: House Beautiful

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