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Expert Advice: 5 Ways to Manage a Condo Renovation Project

Take a deep breath and keep in mind these reminders

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After moving into a new condo unit, what do you usually do first? Aside from cleaning the space, unpacking, and settling in, many homeowners immediately fill the space with furniture, accessories, and other personalized touches. Before you know it, years have passed and only then will you realize that you need to give your home a needed makeover.

One of our readers wrote to us and shared that she has been living in her unit for two years. It has appliances, built-in pieces, and moveable furniture. While she already has a design in mind, the mere thought of fixing the entire unit seem too exhausting. To help our reader go through this process as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips to keep in mind. You can also bookmark this page as reference—just in case you decide to renovate your own home:

Start by making a list.

It helps to know your priorities when it comes to the redesign of your condo unit. Consider all the works and changes that you want to work on and categorize each accordingly—ceiling, partition, electrical, painting, carpentry, flooring/tiling works and accessorizing. 

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