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How to Deal With a Leaky Ceiling, Roof During a Typhoon

The source isn't always where the leak is.

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Suddenly having rain water seep through your ceiling during a storm can definitely add to the stress and anxiety you're feeling. To help you out, here are a few temporary fixes you can employ until the weather gets better and you can have a professional check and repair the damage: 


Here’s How To Protect Your Home During a Typhoon

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1. Deal with the water

The most obvious thing you can do is to stabilize the situation in your house. Remove items from the area where the water collects, and make sure you’ve got pails and other containers on the ready. If you notice a bulge in one part of your ceiling, that means it’s been holding water. It would be best for you to drain it by poking a hole with a sharp object, like a screw driver, in order to lessen the damage.


2. Look for the source of the leak

Hard rains would be the most obvious reason for ceiling leaks, but there are other reasons that could be causing the damage. Check for plumbing, condensations, pest infestation, or even ceiling and wall alignment.

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Finding the source of the leak can be a bit frustrating, as often, it’s usually not where your water collects. It’s important to be certain of the source, as any repairs done won’t work unless you address the root cause.

3. If the cause of the leak is your roof, plug or tarp it.

First and foremost, do not attempt to do roof repairs in the middle of a storm. If you’re sure that the leak is coming from roof damage, its best to mitigate the water issue indoors for the time being—at least until the brunt of the storm has passed.

Once you’re sure that the outdoors is safe, have someone accompany you and check on your roof. Assess the situation: if the damage isn’t huge, a sealant may do the trick, but if it’s substantial, you may want to use a tarp to temporarily create a water barrier. For this to work, you’ll need wooden planks to weigh it down, and basic carpentry skills to make sure that everything is secure. Check out the video below to see how it’s done:



Here’s How To Protect Your Home During a Typhoon

8 Rainy Season Problems Solved By Design Experts

Remember that safety should be your priority. Damage to property can always be addressed; during times of calamity, your number one concern should be yourself and your family.

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