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4 Tips on Creating Home Fragrances

Keep your home smelling fresh and clean with these ideas

Photography: Jun Pinzon (Main Photo)

What is the simplest way to add a relaxing, spa-like vibe at home? Some of us prefer to add scented candles, others make use of scent diffusers, while there are those who love to place vases filled with fresh flowers in the different areas of the house. Aside from buying these must-haves, you can also try to learn how to create your own natural fragrances!

During a fun-filled and enriching workshop at this year's Real Living Space, Anna Niguidula of Bodyfood All-Natural gave tips on how to create home scents. She even guided participants on the step-by-step process using essential oils. If you're ready to experiment, here are tips that may just come in handy:

Use essential oils

Want an eco-friendly home? You can go all-natural with your home fragrances. Anna suggests using essential oils as these are derived directly from plants. The scents from these oils also last longer. 

Work with tested solutions

Working with essential oils means being a hundred percent sure with your mixtures. “Don’t be too excited by mixing [different] scents all at once! Even if these are essential oils, when you put the wrong combination, it won’t smell nice,” sharesAnna.

RL Tip: Use cinnamon and peppermint leaves for your kitchen or living room to create a cozy and Christmas-like scent. 

Create potpourri

Got extra herbs in the garden or kitchen? You can dry these up and use it as potpourri. “You can even use ingredients that you use in the kitchen. I save orange rinds then toast them so that I can preserve and use it for home fragrances,” says Anna. When grinding herbs or orange rinds, use your trusty mortar and pestle! “You can’t grind it perfectly kasi makunat siya. Just be sure that you grind it in such a way that the oils are released.”

Pick scents that make you happy

Home scents should liven up your home. Stick with fragrances that uplift your mood and invigorate your senses. Once you've finished concocting your own home scent, place it in a stylish bottle or recycled jar.

To learn more about Bodyfood All-Natural and Anna's future workshops, follow their Facebook page.

Photos from BodyFood All-Natural's Facebook page.

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