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4 Easy Tips for Your Small Kitchen

Create a space where you can also spend quality time with the family

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions

Aside from enjoying good food with friends and family, we're sure that one of your bonding moments with loved ones involves preparing snacks and other meals. Even with a limited space to work with, you can still achieve an efficient kitchen that can bring the family closer! Here are 4 easy tips that you may want to consider:

1. If you like cooking as a family, try having a kitchen that blends with the living area or dining room. A bar counter with a base similar in finish with the living or dining pieces creates unity between the two areas.

2. Instead of corkboards that tend to get messy with recipe cards, papers, and flyers, opt for a blackboard wall (or cabinet door, whichever your space permits) so you can keep lists and reminders at bay.

3. Got kids at home? Have a small table or cabinet in their height. No major construction needed as you can just move their table to the end of a counter and your little helps can get started in no time.

4. Make room for interaction—whether among family members or even dinner guests. Have ample seating at the bar counter where they can gather around and join you for a chat (or even a drink!).

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