Jumpstart Your Day: 5 Storage Ideas that You Can Do at Home

Let's take a peek inside these inspiring homes and check out storage options that we can apply in our own spaces

Photography: Dairy Darilag (Main Photo)

In any home, storage is of utmost importance. Whether it's an open shelf, a bookcase, or a cabinet with drawers—these must-haves help us keep the space clean and organized.

Given the new school year, your kids will surely have a fresh set of books, notebooks, and school supplies. Maintain order at home and take inspiration from these creative storage solutions that we spotted in these well-designed homes.

An open-shelf by the foyer

Designed by interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino, this unit highlights bright colors, eclectic patterns, and travel finds.

Storage find: The open-shelf that separates the front door from the living area.

For your space: If you live in a small home, separating areas is a must. If you don't have a foyer, an open-shelf can help store shoes, keys, and other daily essentials that you would need before leaving the house. Aside from shelves, you may also opt to have a console table with drawers.

Spruce it up: Add chic decor pieces to liven up this part of you home. You may add framed prints, photos, and other quirky decor.

Wall-mounted shelves

Found in the same unit, this home office showcases a bright green chair inspired by the painting in the foyer.

Storage find: Wall-mounted shelves that can hold books and other school materials. These shelves work well with the slim table that don't take too much floor space.

For your space: Create a bright and neat study area for your kids. Keep their essentials in space and add drawers and bins for their school supplies and other must-haves.

Spruce it up: Make sure that the area is well-lit. Choose a table lamp that can also serve as an accent piece. Fill the space with well-curated items that will inspire them to study harder—this can be a vision board or a collection of photographs.

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Photos by Dairy Darilag.

Dual purpose side tables

In this modern 111sqm condo designed by interior designers Ann Katherine Dee-Santiago and Mark Bryan See, the living area has an open space that's perfect for relaxing and entertaining friends.

Storage find: The industrial-style side tables that can also serve as storage bins.

For your space: Choosing multipurpose furniture is a must in any space. Your side table can also be used to keep reading materials and extra pillows for an organized living area.

Spruce it up: Complete the look by placing decor pieces, a few potted plants, and a table lamp on top of the side table.

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Photo by Dairy Darilag.

Kitchen island with shelves

With the help of interior designer Gigi del Rosario-Go, the homeowners finally achieved a cozy and charming home that's inspired by the cool breeze and lush landscape.

Storage find: The kitchen island with shelves that can keep ingredients and utensils organized.

For your space: Since the kitchen is one of the busiest areas at home, it should always be kept neat so you can move around freely and work efficiently. A kitchen island can help you keep pans, pots, and utensils. You may event use it to store some of your tableware.

If you only have a small kitchen, you can still have your own island by working with a folding table that you can place in one corner when not in use.

Spruce it up: Consider adding a small vignette to liven up the area. You can also place table runners and wooden decor for a country-inspired feel.

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Photo by Dairy Darilag.

Ladder shelf

Vibrant shades, interesting patterns, and mid-century modern pieces fill this 75sqm unit designed by interior designer Diana Zamora.

Storage find: The ladder shelf in the bedroom that can store and display personal belongings.

For your space: Create a rustic vibe in your home by working with a ladder shelf. You may event paint it with your chosen hue that goes well with the overall palette of your space. You may use the ladder to display plants or photographs. If you're placing it in the bedroom, you can use it to keep daily essentials and books organized.

Spruce it up: Add vases of flowers or potted succulents for a refreshing touch.

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Photo by Paolo Feliciano.

Cabinets and shelves

This 183sqm house has mid-century furniture and quirky touches. The owners prefer furniture with clean lines and basic shapes.

Storage find: The white shelves in the study area that keep the space clean and organized.

For your space: You may add a similar shape in your bedroom or in the study area of your kids to keep books and collections in place. 

Spruce it up: Use interesting bookends that can also serve as decor pieces. You may also put some of their collections on display.

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Photo by Dairy Darilag.

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