This Local Start-Up Declutters Homes for Free

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Like it or not, most of us are probably guilty of buying too many things we don’t actually need. With all our online shopping finds and budol purchases piling up, a lot of these items end up cluttering our homes instead of being useful. This then leads us to channeling our inner Marie Kondo in a haste to declutter our rooms (and our lives!) by reselling, donating, or even giving our extra belongings away to family and friends. But what about the things we just end up throwing away?  


With the rise of sustainable brands and campaigns, we’ve become more aware about where our trash goes and how it contributes to the planet’s worsening condition. So, what can we do to try and avoid clogging up our oceans and polluting our streets? Well, this local start-up is looking to address just that! 

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Humble Sustainability is a relatively new business that advocates for circular living, which is basically a sustainable mindset and lifestyle wherein we can extend the life of the products we own, in one way or another. That being said, what Humble essentially does is they collect your decluttered items straight from your home and find ways to reuse, recycle or upcycle them through their various partners. And yes, it’s all free!


“[Social] impact is what Josef and I wake up for each morning. Through Humble, our dream is to create a platform and community where sustainable living is the new normal for everyone,” Niña Opida shares. She and her co-founder, Josef Werker, believe that anyone can make a difference through contributing something genuinely impactful in our own ways. We only have to put our minds into it! With this mindset, these two passionate dreamers were able to start their company with the simple goal of wanting to help people and the planet. 


Here’s how it works:


It’s simple! Just book a collection, wait for Humble to collect your items and voilà! You’ve officially decluttered your homes while helping out Mother Earth in the process.  

Want to book a collection or learn more about circular living? For more information, you may contact them through their website and Instagram

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