5 Organizing Ideas We Can Learn from this Family Home in San Juan

This home doesn't just have picture-perfect rooms. Let it inspire you to get organized.

Photography: Marc Jao

If there is anything we have learned in visiting clutter-free homes of families (yes, they have actual kids below the age of 7), storage solutions are the secret to help control the mess. This family home in San Juan is an excellent example of how you can achieve a pretty, functional, and comfortable home.

In designing the townhouse, interior designer Jean Suzanne Sy had to take into consideration the owners’ wish of having a house with an urban vibe that can make them feel like they’re still in the province. She came up with a modern design with a rustic flair that’s completed with earth colors and elegant pieces of furniture.

Let these photos inspire you to decorate and organize your home ASAP:

1. Organize the entryway with hooks and catch-alls

To create a welcoming entryway, the designer brought in pieces in white, used charming wallpaper, and even added a bench where the owners can sit while putting on shoes. PHOTO BY Marc Jao


If you have an entryway at home, chances are you dump keys, loose change, and other knickknacks in the space. How many times have you misplaced keys and cards? Keep it organized by adding small bowls that can serve as catchalls. Make it easier to grab bags, umbrellas, and jackets by installing hooks on a blank wall as well.

2. Achieve a spic-and-span living area by editing your belongings

The living area, found on the second floor of the home, has a calming, resort-like feel, comfy seating pieces, and whimsical décor including faux plants and decorative bird cages. PHOTO BY Marc Jao


To keep the living area as inviting as possible, you may choose not to display magazines and too many accessories. Limit your décor to a tray filled with potted plants and a scent diffuser. If you plan to store magazines and extra pillows in the space, use storage ottomans or place an extra console behind the sofa as seen in the photo above.

3. It’s not enough that you have cabinets and drawers in the kitchen! See if you can add shelves, rods, and hooks

The picture-perfect yet functional kitchen has storage nooks and a timeless color palette dominated by gray. PHOTO BY Marc Jao


Here’s a fact: the kitchen can get cluttered quickly. Given the ingredients, supplies, and utensils we keep in the space, we’re bound to wake up to a messy and smelly cooking area if we don’t keep it in check. To avoid clutter, organize your cabinets and drawers by assigning a spot for dinnerware and cooking essentials. Keep utensils within reach by installing rods underneath cabinets where you can hang those you use often. You can even use it to display faux herbs! If you have an empty wall in the kitchen, consider installing shelves where you can display cookbooks and your favorite cookware.

4. Create a calming study/work area by keeping your shelves clean

To maximize the space, the designer added a built-in desk, magnetic board, and shelves as part of the design. PHOTO BY Marc Jao


Whether you have a small study nook or a play area for the little ones, it’s a must to keep it clean and organized. Begin by organizing your belongings accordingly. You can group books according to the genre, and don’t forget to put together your child’s favorite bedtime reads in one corner of the shelf. Make the most of the available shelf space by using baskets! You can place small toys, coloring materials, and other small essentials in baskets before putting them on the shelf.

5. Maintain a streamlined look for your closet with uniform bins

This walk-in closet is compact, but it looks bigger than it really is because the designer chose to paint the shelves white. She also incorporated a built-in vanity corner for the lady of the house. PHOTO BY Marc Jao


It doesn’t matter if you only have a makeshift closet at home – what’s important is you can easily find what you need without rummaging through cabinets. Take your cue from the photo above – keep the clothes (shirts, blouses, pants, etc.) inside the cabinets – fold them neatly and use hangers when needed. For belts, scarves, pouches, and other accessories that get tangled up easily – place them in uniform plastic bins that can fit inside your shelves. By opting for plastic containers, you can see what’s inside each box without removing the lid. Aside from plastic bins, you can also work with woven bins to create a tropical-inspired look.

With additional information from Therese Dehesa | This home tour originally appeared on Real Living.


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5 Organizing Ideas We Can Learn from this Family Home in San Juan

This home doesn't just have picture-perfect rooms. Let it inspire you to get organized.

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