These Korean Room Tours Will Inspire You to Clean Your Space

Time to tick off spring cleaning on your to-do list!

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As a fan of all things Korean, one of my ultimate dreams would be to live in South Korea. Sometimes when I'm feeling blah, I would listen to my travel playlist or watch walking tours on YouTube, and then voila—my mood is instantly perks up! 

Some of the videos that I have been binge-watching a lot lately are room tours from YouTubers living in SoKor, and I would often find myself deeply immersed in them for hours. It's so fascinating to see how organized and well-designed their spaces are, and they even have special corners for their favorite items! I would take down notes on my phone on what my dream apartment in Seoul would look like, and take inspo from the videos that I've been watching. Sometimes, they're enough to make me get up from my bed and do some spring cleaning! 

I'm sure you're also looking for the motivation to start cleaning and styling your space, so here are some of the best Korean room/house tours I've watched so far on YouTube: 


1. If your peg is something warm and cozy that will make you feel at home: 

2. Bring that city life vibe to your room. 

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3.  Got a small space? Here's an example of how you can make the most out of what you have:


4. Wonder what's inside a university dorm in South Korea? Here you go:

5. If you get to work in South Korea and and get housing perks, your space could look like this:


6. A room with a stunning view? Yes, please!


7. The vivid colors in this room tour is just so lovely!


 8. Here's a look into a Seoul apartment:

9. Enjoy nature at its finest with this house based in Jeju Island:

10. This room tour is just so calming!

11. In case your goal is to live in a huge penthouse.

12. Love the cute items she has in her room!


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