Easy Bedroom Organizing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Achieve a good night’s sleep in a calming space that won’t make you weep

Photography: Gio Oliva

While the bedroom is our special escape at home, it still holds a lot of mystery. Do you have books hidden under the bed? Some would also have scarves, sweaters, and tops crammed inside a messy drawer. There’s no need to hide the truth—we’re all guilty of having secret corners where we love to stash items that we can’t seem to organize. However, since sleep is essential and getting enough of it is equally important, it’s best that we keep the bedroom organized and suitable for a restful slumber as possible.

Keep it spotless with quick hacks you can do in 10 minutes or less. If you’ve always wanted to transform your private space, investing in the right pieces of furniture can help you go a long way as well. Check them out below:

1. Keep extra pillows, sheets, and blankets in a wooden chest at the foot of your bed.

If there's an unused space in your bedroom, turn it into a storage center. A wooden chest can hold a variety of items—from books and magazines, to pillows and fresh sheets. With a storage piece like this, you'll surely refrain from keeping your must-haves on top of the side table or on your bed.

RADUS Chest by Simon Pengelly for Habitat, P35,800

RL Tip: Place the chest on top of a rug for a homey look. Choose a rug that works well with your room's color scheme. In the photo above, blue pops out against the wood.

BLUR Hand-Tufted Rug in Blue, P22,800

2. Use unexpected pieces as organizers.

Trays can serve different purposes—making it an important must-have at home. You can use a breakfast tray to hold a glass of water, your alarm clock, and other essentials, instead of letting these items look like clutter on your nightstand. The tray can serve as a huge catchall that can keep your accessories and chosen decor pieces in place, too.

TIFFANY Breakfast Tray, P1,995

3. Carve out a place for your clothes.

Don't leave your clothes, towels, and scarves strewn all over the bed. Even if your cabinet is full and you have a compact bedroom, you can still have a place for these essentials with the help of the right storage pieces. A hanging compartment, a clothes rack, or a slim shelf can keep your favorites in place and help avoid visual clutter. Use uniform hangers for a cohesive look as well.

RL Tip: Working with a hanging compartment? Use it wisely! Dedicate a tier for your towels, another for scarves, and two or three for your basic pieces like shirts and jeans. Meanwhile, a clothes rail can hold a few hangers or you can also use it to hang two compartments.

GILDA Clothes Rail, P12,995 | BARNABE Hanging Compartment, P1,850

4. Make the most of your cabinet or dresser.

Depending on what you have in your bedroom, a cabinet or a dresser can work as a storage center on its own. If your storage piece has multiple drawers, it's best that you dedicate at least one to your prized accessories—one drawer can hold jewelry, another can be used to store belts, and huge ones can be used to store more clothes. Having dedicated drawers can make it easier for you to find what you need as well as return the items you've used in its proper place.

RL Tip: If you're organizing accessories and tiny trinkets, corral them into catchalls or small bowls before storing them inside drawers.

FLEUR Dresser, P39,500

5. Always keep the side table neat.

It's easy for side tables to get cluttered as many of us are guilty of leaving just about anything on top of it—books, keys, wallets, music players, and phones—these are just some of the culprits. Make sure you keep it neat always by limiting the number of items on display—many opt for a table lamp, an alarm clock, or a framed photo. You also have the option of leaving it bare with just a lamp and a catchall for your phone and accessories to keep it easy on the eyes.

RL Tip: Choose a side table with compartments and drawers. It gives you extra storage space while still keeping your things accessible.

RADUS Bedside Table with Drawer by Simon Pengelly for Habitat, P15,800

Watch the video below to see how you can work on these hacks:

All items are available at Habitat Manila, 5th Avenue and 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, call (02) 887-5247 or e-mail hello[at]

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