Are You a Hoarder?

Take this short, simple quiz to find out!

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There are proud hoarders, there are those with a tendency to hoard, and there are full-fledged hoarders in denial. If you suspect you might be the second or the third kind, the answer is in your habits and your discretion of what to buy and keep. And if you’re pretty much sure you’re not a hoarder, take this quiz anyway to discover your shopping and organizing personality. Ready? Grab a pen and a piece of paper:

1. At the airport of your new travel destination, you head to the information counter with colorful tourist flyers and brochures to:

a. Pick one of everything (two if it’s cute!). These things are informative and free—what’s not to love?

b. Make a quick survey and see if there’s anything worth taking.

c. Well, actually, you rarely go to those unless you need to kill a few minutes. You know you’ll just end up throwing them as soon as you reach your hotel room.

2. When someone ransacks your office cabinet, he would most likely be surprised to see:

a. Almost an entire drawer dedicated to resto and café surplus—ketchup packets, sachets of sugar and creamer, disposable utensils, and a collection of paper napkins. You better start making inventory!

b. Office supplies neatly grouped together per kind and per color.

c. A completely empty drawer. (“Wait, is she resigning?”)

3. Your grocery shopping style is:

a. Hand-carry a basket (exercise!). Doing the groceries in batches lets you control your expenses—or seems like it.    

b. Get a trolley for your baskets—one for consumables and another one for non-edibles.

c. Dump everything in one or two big carts. Purchases will be sorted at check out anyway!

4. A friend is staying overnight at your place on a short notice, so you:

a. Scour the back of your closet for that oversized shirt you mindlessly picked up at last month’s sale. At least your guest can use that as pantulog!

b. Whip out a kit especially for that purpose. It’s got little bottles of toiletries and even disposable underwear.

c. Convince her that it’s really your place despite the lack of personal indicators.

5. Your family house will undergo major renovation soon. You get a call from your parents to:

a. Remind you for the nth time to pick up your mountain of palanca letters and shabby teddy bears and Spice Girls-era cassette tapes.   

b. Ask you to come and help them sort what needs to be kept or thrown away.

c. Offer you serviceable furniture hand-me-downs so your place won’t look too bare.

6. These are the kinds of skeletons lurking in your closet:

a. Some packaged snack items and canned goods. You’ll never know when you get trapped inside your bedroom!

b. A few plastic hangers in the midst of wooden ones. You promise to get rid of those soon.

c. Technically, you don’t have a closet yet. Still haven’t found “the one."

7. This is a common scenario in your kitchen:

a. Mysterious liquid oozing out of some expired canned goods

b. Every single utensil and condiment bottle in its place

c. Wiped out pantry and ref contents

8. You’re most likely to be gifted with:

a. Something you already have; or similar to what you already have

b. An organizer of some sort or a paraphernalia for labeling

c. Something you’ve always wanted to buy but never got around buying

Check your answers and read the results below:

Mostly A’s: The Habitual Hoarder

You strongly believe in contingency—and that’s a good thing, right? There’s nothing wrong with having an extra just in case. However, having too many extras to count and to keep track of defeats the purpose when you can’t even find what you need at a given time. Be honest about what you need and be realistic about what you might need in the future. Plus, develop a system for organizing. Next time you’re faced with a strong urge to hoard, take deep breaths and take comfort in the fact you have enough!

Mostly B’s: The Practical Shopper

You’re usually level-headed when it comes to shopping and deciding what’s worth keeping and what’s not. You are the type to make a notepad out of scratch papers because you can’t stand seeing piles of scrap sheets.  You like your space neat and orderly but not antiseptic. You can tolerate domestic mishaps like overflowing hamper or a cluttered drawer, but it won’t take long before you do something about it.

 Mostly C’s:  The (Sort of) Minimalist

Really, are you allergic to acquiring potential clutter or to spending? Or both? Being austere has its virtues. However, don’t deprive yourself of the essentials. Invest in things you need and buy the best quality you can afford.

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