9 Simple Steps to an Organized Kitchen

Keep your cooking corner spotless with these handy hints and ideas.

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Keeping your kitchen organized is not just about aesthetics. It's also about creating a space that enhances your cooking experience and makes your daily routines run more smoothly. By doing some simple tasks, you can transform your kitchen into an organized, functional, and stylish space.

In this guide, you'll learn eight easy tasks that will help you keep your kitchen organized. From decluttering your plastic containers to creating a stylish knife block, and setting up a dedicated coffee spot, these tips will improve your kitchen's functionality and also aesthetics.

Tips for organizing your kitchen

1. Divide and conquer your plastic containers

Plastic food storage containers are a common source of kitchen chaos. Start by discarding any containers that are stained, cracked, or no longer close properly. Here are some additional tips for organizing your plastic containers:

- Use stackable containers (available on Shopee) to save space and keep similar sizes together.
- Invest in airtight containers (available on Shopee) to keep your food fresh for longer.
- Consider using clear containers (available on Shopee) or labeling them to easily identify their contents.

For quick kitchen-organizing tips, watch this:

2. Empty out the "junk drawer"

That infamous kitchen drawer can become a black hole of miscellaneous items. Start by removing trash and items you no longer use or need. Sort through the remaining items and find proper places for them in your kitchen. Here are more tips for organizing your so-called junk drawer:

- Use dividers or small containers to separate items into categories. Here's a kitchen rack you can buy on Shopee.
- Use drawer organizers (such as this utensil tray drawer organizer, available on Shopee) to maximize space and keep items in place.
- Regularly declutter and reorganize the drawer to maintain its functionality.


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3. Display your kitchen cutlery in style

Your kitchen cutlery doesn't have to hide in a drawer. Displaying your knives in a stylish knife block also adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

To create a knife block, you will need a hardwood board and a piece of hardwood plywood to match. Follow these steps to build your own knife block:

1. Measure and cut the hardwood board to the desired length for your knife block.
2. Use a saw to cut slots into the board. Make sure they are wide enough to hold your knives securely.
3. Sand the board and plywood to smooth any rough edges.
4. Attach the plywood to the bottom of the board to create a stable base for the knife block.
5. Optional step: Stain or paint the knife block to match your kitchen's decor.

watch now

If you don’t feel like going DIY, you can buy a knife block on Shopee instead.

4. Rearrange your kitchen shelf for efficiency

Group similar items together, such as baking ingredients or canned goods. This will make it easier to find what you need when you're cooking. Consider getting a countertop rack (available on Shopee) to sort spice jars and other ingredients.

Also, place frequently used items at eye level and less frequently used items on higher or lower shelves. Doing so saves you prep time. Alternatively, you can use countertop organizers like this set, available on Shopee.


5. Update your kitchen essentials

Regularly check your kitchen tools and appliances and replace any that are broken or outdated. Doing so not only ensures that your kitchen is always ready for any cooking task but also helps prevent clutter in the form of broken or unused items.

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6. Set up a coffee spot for a cozy morning routine

If you're a coffee lover, set up a dedicated coffee spot in your kitchen. Keep your coffee maker, mugs, and coffee beans or pods in one area. This not only keeps your coffee essentials organized but also creates a cozy and inviting corner in your kitchen. Corral your sachets and pods in this acrylic countertop organizer, available on Shopee.


7. Utilize cabinet and drawer organizers for maximum storage

Cabinet and drawer organizers are essential tools for keeping your kitchen organized. They help maximize space, prevent items from shifting, and make it easier to find what you need. Consider the following options for organizing your cabinets and drawers:

- Install shelf risers (such as this set, available on Shopee) to create additional storage space.
- Use drawer dividers (available on Shopee) to separate utensils, gadgets, and other small items.
- Utilize pull-out shelves or baskets for easy access to items stored in the back of cabinets.
- Install spice racks or a lazy Susan (this one, available on Shopee, has three tiers) to keep spices and condiments organized.

8. Label everything for easy navigation

By clearly labeling containers, shelves, and drawers, you can easily find what you need and ensure everything is returned to its proper place. Try these labeling ideas:

- Use adhesive labels or a label maker to label containers and jars. If you want uniform labels, consider buying this label maker, available on Shopee.
- Attach chalkboard labels (here are vintage-looking ones, available on Shopee) to pantry shelves for easy identification.
- Label drawers and cabinets to indicate their contents.


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9. Regularly declutter and clean for a hygienic space

Set aside time each month to go through your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator to remove expired items and donate unused ones. Additionally, establish a cleaning routine to keep surfaces, appliances, and storage areas clean and free from dust and grime.


How can I keep my kitchen organized? 

You can keep your kitchen organized by regularly decluttering and cleaning your space, using cabinet and drawer organizers, labeling containers and shelves, and keeping your kitchen essentials updated.

What is the best way to organize kitchen cabinets? 

The best way to organize kitchen cabinets is to group similar items together, use shelf risers to create additional storage space, and install pull-out shelves or use baskets for easy access to items stored in the back of cabinets.

What should I do with my junk drawer? 

Start by removing trash and items you no longer use or need from your junk drawer. Then, use dividers or small containers to separate items into categories and consider using drawer organizers to maximize space and keep items in place.


How can I make my kitchen more functional? 

You can make your kitchen more functional by rearranging your shelves for efficiency, updating your kitchen essentials, setting up a dedicated coffee spot, and displaying your kitchen cutlery in a stylish knife block.

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