7 Photos That Give Us #ClosetGoals

You'll be inspired to go through your own cabinets, do some editing, and achieve a boutique-worthy setup

Photography: @mensuitspage and @tifanyj_inspired on Instagram (Main Photos)

There’s something about neatly curated closets that make us want to achieve our own pretty walk-in wardrobes even if we only have a limited space to work with. Whether it’s working with matching hangers, decorating it with fancy lighting pieces, or showcasing a couple of designer finds—we’re open to ideas that can turn plain storage nooks into stylish personal spaces.

To motivate you to create your own fashion hub, we’ve collated seven photos from Instagram that give us #closetgoals. From practicing color coordination to bringing in elegant accessories, the owners went the extra mile to create a space where they can feel good and keep some of the things they love:

Recreate the feel of a boutique with a carpet and a chandelier.

Feel glam every time you go into your walk-in closet by furnishing it with a posh carpet or area rug. A piece in royal blue highlights sophistication. Pair it with a captivating chandelier to complete the luxe look. If you’re in the process of building the home, take some pointers from the photo above—opt for glass cabinets so you can see what’s stored inside while motivating you to keep it clean. Consider adding a console in the middle for accessories and valuables.

Shop for quality rugs at Decoliving Manila. Find pretty lighting pieces at Habitat.

Keep it chic with collections, photographs, and handpicked accessories.

This closet is compact but it’s bursting with personality. The owner chose to display neutral picks that are easy on the eyes and we love how she maximized her drawers and compartments. She grouped similar items together—eyewear, handbags, and makeup, to name a few—then assigned one compartment for each. To keep it personal, she dedicated a nook for framed photographs, her favorite scents, and a simple flower setup that matches the overall palette of her closet.


RL Tip: Depending on the look you have in mind, you can have a glass drawer front or frosted glass one to conceal the items stored inside.

Stay comfy with extra seating.

In any closet, the storage units are the stars. However, you also need to think about how you’ll use the space. It’s a must to have a corner where you can apply makeup, a spot where you can place a full-length mirror so you can check how something fits, and of course, an area where you can sit, try on shoes, and simply relax. Consider investing in a customized storage unit and bench in one to save on space. If you have space to spare, you can allot a space for a small round table or desk and a comfy accent chair.

Don’t forget about those storage bins just yet.

The closet above is small, but it’s a good example of how you can maximize a tiny space. The owner was able to squeeze in clothes, shoes, and other belongings even if the compartments are limited. The secret? She used the space under the bottom shelf by adding plastic bins for other essentials. It’s not that difficult to find clothes because some are in hangers while a few are folded beneath it. Given this tight space, it’s a must to edit regularly—clothes that no longer fit and pieces that you no longer use can be given away or donated. You may also want to get a mobile clothes rack.

Invest in a modular cabinet.

If you’ve always wanted a walk-in closet, you may want to invest in a modular cabinet that’s customized according to your needs. The sizes of the compartments can differ depending on the types of clothing you’re storing or the number of shoes you have. You can also have a say on the materials and finishes to be used, how’s that for an investment? Before swiping your card or paying for it, make sure you discuss every detail with the supplier and that you sign off on your approved peg or perspective.


Follow a strict color code.

Are you the type who shops for clothes in only three colors? Or are you the neutral kind? It’s no secret that a color-coordinated setup can give your closet a sleek and polished appeal—just check out the photo above. Sticking to light colors gives your closet a minimalist touch, too! There’s nothing like the lovely combo of black, white, and gray, don’t you agree?

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