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These Ref Organization Videos Will Inspire You to Clean Out Your Fridge

Organize your food by how quickly you consume them!


Growing up, one of my favorite shows to watch was MTV Cribs. Aside from seeing the huge houses of my favorite celebs, I especially looked forward to the segment where they’d open their fridge and we’d all pretend to be surprised at how well-organized and well-stocked it was. Since then, it’s always been my dream to eventually have my own place with a fridge that looks like it’s been professionally organized, too. (Yes, still working on making that dream come true!)


5 Ways To Make Your Room Less Maalikabok

This Pinay's Ultra-Tidy Fridge Will Inspire You to Get Organized

For now, though, what I can do is take notes from these ultra-satisfying ref/fridge organization videos so I could at least apply them to the fridge I share with my huge family. I’m not going to lie, after watching all these videos, I’ve actually already made plans to make it my new project this weekend to fix our ref.


Do enjoy the videos below and gather useful tips not only on organizing your shelves, but also how to store and freeze your food to keep them fresh.  

Utilize trays to organize your food

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No access to clear acrylic trays just yet? Just make use of old plastic baskets that you have around the house. Make sure to clean and dry them completely before sticking them into your fridge. Group foods that go together for convenience! This video also offers a lot of tips on how to keep your food inside the fresh. too.

Label your food containers

Keep track of what’s inside your fridge by labeling all your containers. This video also shows how the owner used various trays—and even metal folder organizers—to keep everything in place inside her fridge.  

Organize your food by how quickly you consume them

For example, milk, yogurt, and some sauces are things we tend to reach for the most and consume the fastest, so you should place them where you can easily get them out.


Repacking your food? Make sure to place the expiration dates on your labels, too

We already know that repacking your food to smaller containers will help you save space. But don’t forget to label each one and place the expiration dates, too. Utilize resealable plastic bags for food you want to freeze—you can keep washing these until they're no longer fit to be used. 


5 Ways To Make Your Room Less Maalikabok

This Pinay's Ultra-Tidy Fridge Will Inspire You to Get Organized

Plan out your fridge’s new layout

You probably won’t be able to organize your fridge in one go, so a tip you should follow is to look at your fridge and plan how you’d like to place things first. Eyeball where you want to place certain types of food and drinks and go from there. If it helps, you can also write down your plans or draw on paper!


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