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How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Tiny Bedroom

Install a set of floating shelves on the walls!


Your bedroom may be small, but it probably has more storage space than you realize. Here are a few hidden storage spots you might be overlooking—plus tips on how you can free up more floor space! 

1. Maximize the space under your bed.

Store your seasonal or rarely used items like suitcases, coats, and bed linens in this hidden area. Since it's prone to accumulating dust, it's best to use storage containers with lids like wide, flat plastic boxes. A storage bag is another good option if you'll be storing clothing items. 


2. Install a set of floating shelves on the walls!

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Utilizing your wall will save you a lot of floor space. 


3. Stash your T-shirts vertically instead of horizontally. 

This is a space-saving hack that Marie Kondo—an organizing expert in Japan—has repeatedly demonstrated in her Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  Instead of stacking your T-shirts on top of each other, you can line them up in rows in your closet drawer. This allows you to fill up your closet drawer more efficiently. On top of that, "you’ll never have difficulty recognizing which is which once they’re folded," Marie explains on Instagram. 


To help you achieve this, watch Marie Kondo demonstrate her folding technique here: 

4. If you can't expand your closet, utilize the behind-the-door area for extra storage space.

Install hooks or hanging storages on the back of your closet door. Here, you can neatly store your necklaces, bracelets, and beltsand keep them tangle-free. 


Bonus: Opt for wall or hanging lights! 

Not only will it free up some floor space, but it'll also add a stylish touch to your small bedroom. 


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