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5 Ways To Make Your Room Less Maalikabok

Consider having less abubot!


Being at home 24/7 has made me more aware just how maalikabok my space is. Every day, I sweep the floor and wipe every surface, hoping that my condo stays clean for a while. But without fail, the next day, there's so much dust. Should I be keeping my windows closed? Is it because of my aircon? If those are the reasons: 1) I open my windows for ventilation throughout the day (and to hear the outside world) 2) Sleeping without an aircon triggers my asthma. So what are my other options?

If you find that your room is also super dusty, check out these tips:

Change your bed sheets more often.

Your favorite spot in the house aka your bed is actually a major dust distributor. It collects skin flakes and has its own fabric fibers that attract alikabok. Plus every time you move around or jump into bed, it gives out a puff of dust. Given all of that, ideally, you should be changing your bedding weekly. And if that seems excessive, at least change your pillow cases and smack the dust our of your pillows. 


Don't ignore your rugs. 

It's easy to forget to clean your rugs because they're already on the floor (and in your head, already dirty). But these also generate dust, so make sure to give it a good beating when you can—preferably outside your home). If you don't have that option, vacuuming once a week can help. 

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Clear and organize your closet.

When I still had a closet, I can't tell you how frustrating it was to have to take everything out just because there was so much dust all the time. Aside from the fact that clothes, towels, and other fabrics are dust-generating machines, I realized that every time I opened my closet, I probably let dust in. But I can't exactly stop wearing clothes so an easy fix is to store them in containers to keep the dust out and lock the fabric fibers in. You'll also be able to clean your closet faster because you can just pull these boxes out and wipe the surfaces instead of taking all your clothes out. 


Clean smarter. 

You want to get rid of the dust, not just move them around, which is exactly what happens when you wipe with a dry rag. Use a damp rag instead. 

Consider having less abubot

We know it's hard 'cause they're so cute! But if you have a lot of trinkets and decorations, you're already struggling to clean those shelves. Those throw pillows on your sofa? That blanket for aesthetic? They all trap and produce dust. Keep this in mind the next time you're cleaning your room. 

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