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How To Clean And Organize Your Home, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Resisting the need to de-clutter and clean? Let the stars give you a life hack that's guaranteed to get you going.

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Do you resort to delaying tactics before buckling down to de-clutter like a Pisces? Or are you a know-it-all/do-it-all purger and cleaner like a Sag? Your zodiac sign’s idiosyncrasies can dictate how you clean and organize your space. So we’re giving you a handy guide on how to tackle these home care tasks, based on your individual sign’s attitudes and attributes.

Aries: Follow through

March 21 to April 19

As the pioneers of the zodiac, you’re a lot better at starting cleaning projects than actually finishing them. To maximize this tendency to get excited to kick things off, have several cleaning projects going at the same time and rotate among all of them so you don’t lose steam. Do a KonMari in one room one day, hop on over to testing your Roomba the next, and get yourself excited enough to unload yourself of old dishes by buying a brand new set you can’t wait to use.


Taurus: Maintain it

April 20 to May 20

Appearances are incredibly important for Taurus folks, so keeping the home clean isn’t that big of a chore. If there was any one person who could give the rest of the zodiac tips on getting things spic n’ span and pretty, it would be you. Known as the architect of the zodiac, your best bet is dusting off any old IKEA pieces that haven’t yet been assembled and finally getting things done. You also work well with the earth so cleaning up that indoor garden and reviving those indoor plants is a chore you’d happily do.


Gemini: Hire a professional

May 21 to June 20

Geminis can be flighty and scatterbrained, so getting things cleaned up can be quite a challenge for you. That said, Geminis are also excellent communicators and have very strong opinions, so your biggest bet for getting that home clean is to call up a trusted service and get people to do the work for you, exactly the way you want. Your strategic skills are excellent so handling a team will be peanuts to you. Maybe your expert leadership skills will encourage you to build your own home cleaning biz?


Cancer: Don’t become sentimental

June 21 to July 22

Super sensitive and emotional, you don’t want to let your cleaning errands be bogged down by unexpected hits of nostalgia. Instead of getting that closet cleaned, you’ll probably end up surrounded by a pile of old high school photos, concert tickets and raggedy stuffed toys. If possible, let someone else do the de-cluttering for you and give yourself the task of handling the empty space afterwards. Also, if you find yourself in a particularly low mood, use that hugot to fuel some intense bathroom scrubbing.

Leo: Work it

July 23 to August 22

If HGTV were to cast you in your very own reality home improvement show, you would most possibly be the contestant who’s in charge of clearing things out. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a star and all that dust still needs to be dealt with. You do love doing things with flair, so turn up your favorite Spotify power jams while you get to work. Leos are also famous for their unparalleled generosity—you might actually be more motivated to clean someone else’s space rather than yours, so why not stage a task bunny trade with a good friend?


Virgo: The OC

August 23 to September 22

Do Virgos actually need advice on how to clean their space? The most detail-oriented analytical sign of the zodiac, these neat freaks are known for their obsessive-compulsive tendencies that have them labeling every light switch, rogue remote control, and drawer. Take it easy and don’t let yourself get bogged down by the details. Not everything needs to be sterilized and kept hospital grade, after all! Ease up on yourself (and everyone else living in your space). It’s okay to a little chaos in.


Libra: Stick to a schedule

September 23 to October 22

Libras are known for their refinery and love for a peaceful, beautiful environment so they’re wont to keep things clean all the time. That said, they can also take their sweet time in analyzing things, making sure that everything’s fair and square, which means that figuring out where things should go, which room to begin with, what scent of pillow mist must be used can take forever. Put yourself on a strict schedule and time your errands so you’re not stuck with your indecision.

Scorpio: Move on

October 23 to November 21

Scorpios can be pretty intense. When they’re up to the task of cleaning, they do it feeling empowered, attuned and can work wonders in the home intuitively. Once they get in a mood, however, their innate intensity can move the opposite way and have them questioning every single step they make (Is it okay to clean someone’s room without permission? Should I get rid of my great grandmother’s baul or will their spirit haunt me for it?). Not everything has to be a big deal, Scorpio. Get moving.


Sagittarius: Do-it-all

November 22 to December 21

Adventurous and open-minded, Sagittarius is willing to go boldly where no other zodiac sign is willing to go in terms of getting the house cleaned. Want someone to get up and check that gutter? The Sag in the room will do it. Want to trace where all the pests, termites and rats are coming from? Sag is your person. People born under this sign could also benefit from risk-taking. If there’s a new detergent brand out in the market, give it a go and report back to everyone else about how it’s turned out.


Capricorn: Let it go

December 22 to January 19

If there’s someone who wants do things as meticulously as possible, who wants results that sparkle, it’s Capricorn. When it comes to cleaning the home, Capricorns can have the best-laid plans (“I’ll finish the entire house in just a week!” — hmm, really now?) but can also be overly ambitious. If you’re born under this sign, you need to learn to let things go—not everything needs to be absolutely 100%. It’s better to get some of your laundry done than all of it (with ironing included). Pace yourself.


Aquarius: Go all-natural

January 20 to February 18

The activist of the zodiac, Aquarius will want to use as many cruelty-free, organic, DIY (baking soda works!), and locally made products as possible. Ever conscious of the more high-vibe-ing aspects of life, they’re the types who’ll want to sage a space to clear it of negative energy while actually, physically, clearing a space of clutter. Feng Shui is right up your alley—if you’re finding your room is extra messy or full of stuff, look for feng shui tips online to help you clear both the physical and energetic components of your space.

Pisces: Just do it!

February 19 to March 20

Those born under Pisces are notorious for their flakiness, so if you’ve been avoiding the all-important general cleaning that you know really needs to get done, call yourself out on it and be firm with yourself. Keep yourself motivated by knowing that after you do your clear out, you can finally get creative and redo your entire bedroom exactly the way you envision it. Give your cleaning tasks some structure by keeping a schedule and remember not to overcommit. You can do this!


Chinggay Labrador is an intuitive tarot reader. Visit for more info.

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